Russian Anonymous Marketplace

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Russian Anonymous Marketplace
Type of site
Forum based darknet market
Available inRussian/English
Current statusTerminated

The Russian Anonymous Marketplace or RAMP was a Russian language forum with users selling a variety of drugs on the Dark Web.

With over 14,000 members, the site uses Tor and uses some escrow features like Silk Road-like darknet markets, but otherwise many deals take place off-site using off-the-record messaging.[1] It is the longest lived darknet market, running from September 2012 to present, inspired by the success of the Silk Road.[2]

The administrator who goes by the handle 'Darkside', claims the site makes around $250,000 a year and avoids law enforcement attention due to its predominant Russian user base[2] and its ban on the sale of goods and services such as hacking.[3]

From the July 2017 users were unable to login due to DDOS attacks.[4] On 19 September 2017, the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs confirmed the site had been terminated in July.[5]


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