Russian Ecological Party "The Greens"

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Russian Ecological Party "The Greens"
Leader Oleg Mitvol, Anatoly Panfilov
Founded 1992
Merger of Agrarian Party of Russia
Headquarters Moscow
Ideology Green politics
Social progressivism
Social democracy
Grassroots democracy
Political position Centre-left to Left-wing
State Duma
0 / 450
Seats in the Regional Parliaments
1 / 3,787
Part of a series on
Green politics
Sunflower symbol

The Russian Ecological Party "The Greens" (Russian: Российская экологическая партия «Зеленые», Rossiiskaya ekologicheskaya partiya "Zelyonyye") is a green political party in the Russian Federation. It was founded in 1992 as the Constructive Ecological Party "KEDR". In 2002 the party was transformed into the Russian Ecological Party "The Greens".

In the 2007 Russian regional elections "The Greens" gained 7.58% of the votes in the Samara Oblast, and it therefore has Deputies in the Samara Regional Duma.[1]

Before the 2007 parliamentary elections, the Russian Central Electoral Commission decided that the Russian Ecological Party "The Greens" would not be able to stand, due to an alleged large number of faked signatures (17%, more than the allowed 5%) in their supporters' lists.[2]

In 2008 the XV congress of the party decided to transform the party into the social movement Russian Ecological Movement "Greens" (Российское экологическое движение «Зеленые»). It advised all members and supporters of the party to join A Just Russia.[3]

In 2012 the members met and decided to register as a party and not as a social movement.[4] The decision was carried out successfully and the party registered itself.[5]

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