Russian Futsal Super League

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Russian Futsal Super League
Founded 1991
Country Russia
Confederation UEFA
Number of teams 14
Level on pyramid 1
Domestic cup(s) Russian Futsal Cup
International cup(s) UEFA Futsal Cup
Current champions Dinamo Moscow
Most championships Dinamo Moscow (11)
Current Season at

Russian futsal Superleague (Russian Чемпионат России по мини-футболу (Суперлига)) is the premier professional futsal league in Russia. It was founded in 1991. The Super League, which is played under UEFA rules, currently consists of 14 teams, including teams like Dina Moscow - 3-times European club championship and 1997 Intercontinental Cup winner, Dinamo Moscow oblast - UEFA Futsal Cup 2006–07 winner and 2013 Intercontinental Cup winner, Sinara Ekaterinburg - UEFA Futsal Cup 2007–08 winner, Gazprom-Ugra 2015–16 UEFA Futsal Cup winner. [1]

Season Champions 2nd place 3rd place
1991 KSM-24 (Moscow) (1) Metallurg (Aldan) Agros-Intex (Chişinău)
1992 Dina (Moscow) Spartak (Moscow) Stroitel (Verh-Neyvinsk)
1992-93 Dina (Moscow) Dina-MAB (Moscow) Fenix (Chelyabinsk)
1993-94 Dina (Moscow) Fenix (Chelyabinsk) KSM-24 (Moscow)
1994-95 Dina (Moscow) Minkas (Moscow) VIZ (Yekaterinburg)
1995-96 Dina (Moscow) KSM-24 (Moscow) TTG (Yugorsk)
1996-97 Dina (Moscow) GKI-Gazprom (Moscow) TTG-Java (Yugorsk)
1997-98 Dina (Moscow) VIZ-Sinara (Yekaterinburg) GKI-Gazprom (Moscow)
1998-99 Dina (Moscow) VIZ-Sinara (Yekaterinburg) Minkas (Moscow)
1999-00 Dina (Moscow) Spartak (Moscow) GKI-Gazprom (Moscow)
2000-01 Spartak (Moscow) (1) Norilsky Nikel (Norilsk) TTG-Java-Java (Yugorsk)
2001-02 Norilsky Nikel (Norilsk) (1) GKI-Gazprom (Moscow) Spartak (Moscow)
2002-03 Dinamo (Moscow) Norilsky Nikel (Norilsk) VIZ-Sinara (Yekaterinburg)
2003-04 Dinamo (Moscow) Dina (Moscow) VIZ-Sinara (Yekaterinburg)
2004-05 Dinamo (Moscow) Spartak-Shchyolkovo (Moscow Oblast) VIZ-Sinara (Yekaterinburg)
2005-06 Dinamo (Moscow) VIZ-Sinara (Yekaterinburg) Spartak-Shchyolkovo (Moscow Oblast)
2006-07 Dinamo (Moscow) VIZ-Sinara (Yekaterinburg) TTG-Java (Yugorsk)
2007-08 Dinamo-Yamal (Moscow) TTG-Java (Yugorsk) VIZ-Sinara (Yekaterinburg)
2008-09 VIZ-Sinara (Yekaterinburg) Dinamo-Yamal (Moscow) TTG-Yugra (Yugorsk)
2009-10 VIZ-Sinara (Yekaterinburg) (2) Tyumen (Tyumen) Dinamo-Yamal (Moscow)
2010-11 Dinamo Moscow VIZ-Sinara (Yekaterinburg) Sibiryak (Novosibirsk)
2011-12 Dinamo Moscow Sibiryak (Novosibirsk) Gazprom-Ugra (Yugorsk)
2012-13 Dinamo Moscow oblast Gazprom-Ugra (Yugorsk) MFK Tyumen
2013-14 Dina (Moscow) (10) Gazprom-Ugra (Yugorsk) Sibiryak (Novosibirsk)
2014-15 Gazprom-Ugra (Yugorsk) (1) Dinamo Moscow oblast Sibiryak (Novosibirsk)
2015-16 Dinamo Moscow (10) Gazprom-Ugra (Yugorsk) Sibiryak (Novosibirsk)
2016-17 Dinamo Moscow (11) Dina (Moscow) Gazprom-Ugra (Yugorsk)

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