Russian National Time Trial Championships

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The champions jersey

The Russian National Time Trial Championships are held annually. They are a cycling race which decides the Russian cycling champion in the time trial discipline, several categories of rider. The event was first held in 1998 and was won by Oleg Zhukov. Vladimir Gusev holds the record of most victories with 4. The current champion is Ilnur Zakarin.

Multiple winners[edit]


Vladimir gusev


Year Gold Silver Bronze
1998 Oleg Zhukov Alexei Sivakov Eduard Gritsun
1999 Sergei Startchenkov Dmitri Semov Konstantin Gradusov
2000 Evgeni Petrov Oleg Zhukov Denis Menchov
2001 Dmitri Semov Denis Bondarenko Andrei Zintchenko
2002 Evgeni Petrov Dmitri Semov Vladimir Karpets
2003 Vladimir Gusev Alexander Bespalov Vladislav Borisov
2004 Alexander Bespalov Oleg Zhukov Dmitri Semov
2005 Maxim Belkov Vladimir Gusev Alexander Bespalov
2006 Alexander Bespalov Stanislav Belov Maxim Belkov
2007 Vladimir Gusev Evgeni Petrov Alexander Bespalov
2008 Vladimir Gusev Timofey Kritskiy Vladimir Karpets
2009 Artem Ovechkin Mikhail Ignatiev Maxim Belkov
2010 Vladimir Gusev Mikhail Ignatiev Alexandr Arekeev
2011 Mikhail Ignatiev Vladimir Karpets Dmitry Sokolov
2012 Denis Menchov Dmitry Sokolov Valery Kaykov
2013 Ilnur Zakarin Vladimir Gusev Artem Ovechkin
2014 Anton Vorobyev Sergey Chernetskiy Artem Ovechkin
2015 Artem Ovechkin Sergey Nikolaev Pavel Brutt


Year Gold Silver Bronze
2011 Anton Vorobyev Artur Ershov Maxim Pokidov
2012 Anton Vorobyev Konstantin Kuperasov Mikhail Akimov
2013 Alexander Evtushenko Victor Manakov Evgeny Zverkov
2014 Alexander Evtushenko Roman Kustadinchev Kirill Yatsevich
2015 Alexander Evtushenko Ivan Lutsenko Nikolay Cherkasov


Year Gold Silver Bronze
1993 Nadejda Kibardina Svetlana Bubnenkova Valentina Gerasimova
1994 Svetlana Bubnenkova Aleksandra Koliaseva Valentina Gerasimova
1995 Valentina Polkhanova Zulfiya Zabirova Svetlana Bubnenkova
1996 Zulfiya Zabirova Gulnara Ivanova-Fatkulina Natalja Bubentchikova
1997 Zulfiya Zabirova Valentina Polkhanova Valentina Gerasimova
1998 Zulfiya Zabirova Svetlana Samokhvalova Valentina Gerasimova
1999 Zulfiya Zabirova Valentina Gerasimova Elena Tchalykh
2000 Zulfiya Zabirova Olga Slyusareva Valentina Gerasimova
2001 Olga Slyusareva Elena Tchalykh Svetlana Ivakhonenkova
2002 Zulfiya Zabirova Olga Slyusareva Svetlana Bubnenkova
2003 Svetlana Bubnenkova
2004 Olga Slyusareva Svetlana Bubnenkova Natalia Boyarskaya
2005 Svetlana Bubnenkova Olga Slyusareva Tatiana Antoshina
2006 Olga Slyusareva Svetlana Bubnenkova Tatiana Antoshina
2007 Tatiana Antoshina Alexandra Burchenkova Julia Martisova
2008 Elena Chalykh Tatiana Antoshina Natalia Boyarskaya
2009 Tatiana Antoshina Alexandra Burchenkova Svetlana Bubnenkova
2010 Tatiana Antoshina Olga Zabelinskaya Victoria Kondel
2011 Alexandra Burchenkova Olga Zabelinskaya Tatiana Antoshina
2012 Olga Zabelinskaya Natalia Boyarskaya Tatiana Antoshina
2013 Tatiana Antoshina Kseniya Dobrynina Alexandra Burchenkova


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