Russian Orthodox Autonomous Church

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Russian Orthodox Autonomous Church
PrimateMetropolitan Theodore (Gineyevsky)
LanguageChurch Slavonic, some English
HeadquartersSuzdal, Russia
PossessionsRussia, Ukraine, Latvia, Switzerland, United States, Canada, Greece, Italy, Australia, Congo
RecognitionUnrecognized by most Orthodox churches - see True Orthodoxy
Official websiteRussian Orthodox Autonomous Church

The Russian Orthodox Autonomous Church (ROAC, Russian: Российская православная автономная церковь, РПАЦ) is a non-canonical Russian Orthodox church body. ROAC referred itself as part of True Orthodoxy. It was formed in 1994 when a number of ROCOR parishes left it and formed an independent jurisdiction.

Their synod is located in Suzdal, Russia. The ROAC rejects the "Sergianist heresy" and holds that the sacraments of the Moscow Patriarchate (considered distinctly from the Russian Orthodox Church existing before the Bolshevik revolution) are anathema or invalid and ineffectual for salvation.[1] The ROAC upholds in principle and emphasizes the ROCOR anathema against ecumenism[2] (1983). The ROAC has 10 bishops, including five Archbishops (Seraphim, Hilarion, Victor, Timothy and Andrei),[3] led by Metropolitan Theodore.


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