Russian Rhythmic Gymnastics Federation

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Russian Rhythmic Gymnastics Federation
Formation1991; 28 years ago (1991)
TypeNational sports governing body
Irina Viner
AffiliationsMinistry of Sport (Russia)

The Russian Rhythmic Gymnastics Federation (Russian: Всероссийская федерация художественной гимнастики, lit. "All-Russian Federation of Rhythmic Gymnastics") is the governing body of rhythmic gymnastics in Russia.


Even though an organization with the name "All-Russian Rhythmic Gymnastics Federation" had existed since 1963, at the time it was only a department of the Rhythmic Gymnastics Federation of the Soviet Union responsible for growing and cultivating the sport of rhythmic gymnastics in the RSFSR.[1]

The current non-governmental organization Russian Rhythmic Gymnastics Federation was founded in 1991. The founding conference was held in Ivanovo on 12 September 1991.[1]

Later, the federation was restructured at a report and election conference in 2001. Sergei Yastrzhembsky, an Adviser to the President of Russia, was elected president of the organization and remained in this position for two consecutive terms. In December 2008, head coach of the national team Irina Viner was elected president and now combines the post with that of the head coach.[1]

The Russian Rhythmic Gymnastics Federation is accredited by the Russian Ministry of Sport and has been officially given the status of the country's governing body for the sport of rhythmic gymnastics.[2][3]


The Russian Rhythmic Gymnastics Federation organizes a number of rhythmic gymnastics competitions in Russia, the main event is:

Competition Frequency
Russian Rhythmic Gymnastics Championships Annually


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