Russian Trotter

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Russian Trotter
Русский рысак
Russian Trotter with racing sulky
Other names
  • Russian: Русский Рысак
  • (Russkii Rysak)
  • Russian: Ру́сская Рыси́стая
  • (Russkaya Rysistaya)
  • Orlov-American Trotter[1]
Country of originRussian Federation
Distinguishing features
  • Male height: 161 cm[1]
  • Female height: 159 cm[1]

The Russian Trotter is a breed of trotting horse from the Russian Federation. It originated from cross-breeding of native Orlov Trotter horses with imported American Standardbred stock from about 1890; by about 1950 the Russian Trotter breed was considered established, although some cross-breeding with American stallions continued.[2]: 314  A stud-book was established in 1927;[1] in 1989 it ran to 23 volumes.[2]: 315 

The Russian Trotter is widely distributed, from the Baltic to Siberia. In 1989 there were approximately 290,000 in the USSR, of which some 27,000 were considered purebred.[2]: 315 


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