Russian Women's Futsal Super League

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Country Russia
Number of teams6
Level on pyramid1
Domestic cup(s)Women's Cup
Current championsLaguna
2016-17 season

The Russian Women's Futsal Championship is the women's premier futsal championship in Russia, is operated by the AMFR. It was founded in 1993, which is played under UEFA rules and currently consists of 6 teams.

Champions by year[edit]

Season Winner
1993 Baltica St. Petersburg
1994 Junior Volgograd
1995 Junior Volgograd
1996 S. Ljubertcy
1997 S. Ljubertcy
1998 Lok. Volgograd
1999 Lok. Volgograd
2000 Lok. Volgograd
2001 Rokada Volgograd
2002 Rokada Volgograd
2003 Rokada Volgograd
2004 Chertanovo Moscow
2005 Chertanovo Moscow
2006 Chertanovo Moscow
2007 Viktoria N. Novgorod
2008 Laguna Penza
2009 Laguna Penza
2010 Aurora St. Petersburg
2011 Laguna Penza
2012 TBD

2011–12 teams[edit]

  • Aurora St. Petersburg
  • Viktoria Dzerzhinsk
  • Laguna Penza
  • Snejana-Kotelniki
  • UPI-Java Yekaterinburg
  • Rokada Volgograd


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