Russian cross-border artillery shelling of Ukraine (2014)

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Russian cross-border artillery shelling of Ukraine happened in July–September 2014 amidst the War in Donbass to prevent DNR and LNR defeat. Russian military performed series of artillery strikes targeting Ukrainian troops.


In late June 2014, Ukrainian forces launched a major operation to restore the control of Russo-Ukrainian border. The success of this operation threatened the very existence of Russian-supported DNR and LNR statelets.[1]


On 11 July 2014, a Ukrainian camp in Zelenopillya village near Ukrainian-Russian border was shelled by modern Russian MLRS system 9K51M "Tornado-G", Ukrainian forces suffered heavy casualties. A massive and unexpected artillery attack killed 37 and wounded over 100 soldiers.[2][3]

On 13 July 2014, Russia claimed mortar shells fired from Ukrainian territory landed in the courtyard of a private home in the border town of Donetsk in the Rostov Oblast of Russia.[4] The shelling killed one civilian and injured two others.[5] Russia said it would be considering "surgical strikes" that target Ukrainian military positions near the border, but there would not be a full-scale invasion of Ukraine.[6]

Shelling of Ukraine repeated the following days.[7] Live videos had captured Grad rockets fired from inside Russia.[8] According to Bellingcat's investigation, only three of the attacks locations in Amvrosiivka city (14 July 2014), location between Dolzhanskaya-Capital mine and the village of Panchenkove (16 July to 8 August 2014), and Khmelnytskyi (25 July 2014) had at least 1,353 artillery craters.[9]

On 24 July 2014, the American government stated that it had evidence that the Russian military was firing on Ukrainian territory from across the border. A spokesman for the US Department of Defence stated that there was "no question" as to Russia's involvement in the attacks on Ukrainian Armed Forces.[10] On 27 July, U.S. officials confirmed Russia had shelled Ukrainian territory.[11] At the time, Russian government spokesman denied these allegations.[12] On 28 July, US State Department published satellite photos showing heavy artillery shelling Ukrainian positions from Russian territory.[13]

The shelling had escalated at least one week prior to a large-scale Russian invasion in August 2014.[14] According to NATO reports, Russian military shelled Ukrainian positions across the border from mid-August, and by 22 August, Russian artillery and personnel had crossed the border into Ukraine itself.[15][16]


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