Russian frigate Diana

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Diana Wreckage Illustrated London News 1856.jpg
The wreckage of Diana, Illustrated London News, 1856.
Russian Empire
Name: Diana
Launched: 1853
Fate: Sank in December 1854
General characteristics
Class and type: Frigate
Propulsion: sail

Diana was a frigate of the Imperial Russian Navy. She was built in 1853, and was the flagship of the Russian explorer Yevfimy Putyatin when he visited Japan in 1854.[1]

Putyatin's fleet was damaged in a tsunami, following the powerful Ansei-Tōkai earthquake of 23 December 1854. Diana sank in the bay of Miyajima-mura (宮島村) (modern Fuji-shi, 富士市) while sailing from Shimoda to Heda for repairs.[1]

Three hundred Japanese carpenters worked with the Russian sailors to build a Western-style ship in two months, with the help of plans salvaged from Diana. They eventually built a two-masted schooner, named Heda, displacing 100 tons, with a length of 24 metres (79 ft).[1] The ship was named in honour of the Japanese city that helped with its construction.[1]