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Russie.NEI.Visions (RNV [1])is an online collection of policy papers each in French, English and Russian produced by the Russia/New Independent States Centre of the French Institute of International Relations (Institut français des relations internationales, Ifri), a think tank. The collection promotes the publication of policy oriented analyses of events in the post-Soviet space, authored by established experts and up-and-coming analysts.

Created in 2005, today the collection is directed by Thomas Gomart and Tatiana Kastueva-Jean with the help of Julien Nocetti. Since its creation, a paper collecting the year's production has been published annually.

The collection offers regular analysis of events in the former Soviet states, peer-reviewed and translated into all three languages. The collection has been cited in academic works as well as in the media.

The whole articles can be found on the following e-library :

RNV Publications[edit]

"Russia, NATO and the EU: A European Security Triangle or Shades of a New Entente ?", Andrew Monaghan

"The EU and Russia: the Needed Balance Between Geopolitics and Regionalism", Thomas Gomart

"Representing Private Interests to Increase Trust in Russia-EU Relations", Timofei Bordachev

"Multiplying Sources as the Best Strategy for EU-Russia Energy Relations", Michael Thumann


Launched in September 2009, Russie.Nei.Reports is an electronic collection providing extensive analysis based on fieldwork. Papers are published either in French or in English.

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