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Русское радио / Russkoye Radio
Broadcast areaRussia, Cyprus and others
Slogan«Всё будет хорошо!» (Everything will be fine!)
First air date1995
Ownerstate company «Russkaia Mediagroupa» (Русская Медиагруппа).[1]

Russkoye Radio (Russian: Русское радио, in English: Russian Radio) is a Russian radio station, broadcasting in some CIS countries. It differs from other similar stations since it broadcasts songs almost exclusively in Russian.

In Moscow broadcast "Russian Radio" began on August 2, 1995.[2]

In 1996 at the "Russian Radio" established folk music award "Golden Gramophone", which takes place at the end of each year in the Kremlin in Moscow and a similar ceremony takes place at the Ice Palace in St. Petersburg. In 2006 came the TV equivalent of the "Russian Radio" - TV RU.TV.


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