Rustam Khan Khoyski

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Rustam Khan Khoyski
Rüstəm xan Xoyski
Minister of Social Security of Azerbaijan Democratic Republic (ADR)
In office
December 26, 1918 – March 14, 1919
President Fatali Khan Khoyski Prime Minister, (Chairman of Azerbaijani Parliament)
Preceded by Musa bey Rafiyev
Succeeded by Valerian Klenevski
Personal details
Born 1888 (1888)
Ganja, Azerbaijan
Died 1948 (1949) (aged 60)[1]
Moscow, Russia
Religion Islam
Military service
Rank Lieutenant General

Lieutenant General Rustam Khan Khoyski Jahangir Khan oglu (Azerbaijani: Rüstəm xan Xoyski Cahangir xan oğlu; 1888–1948) was an Azerbaijani statesman who served as the Minister of Social Security of Azerbaijan Democratic Republic and was member of Azerbaijani National Council. Rustam Khan was the younger brother of a prominent Azerbaijani politician Fatali Khan Khoyski.

Early years[edit]

From the royal Khoyski family originating from Khoy later settled in Shaki, Rustam Khan Khoyski was born to the family of Azerbaijani general Isgandar Khan Khoyski[2] in Ganja, Azerbaijan on November 5, 1988. After completing Ganja Gimnasium, he graduated from the Law Department of Saint Petersburg State University in 1913.[1] He then worked as a judge assistant in Ganja and Baku. Rustam Khan is recognized as one of the activists of the Azerbaijani Independence Movement.[3]

Political career[edit]

After establishment of Azerbaijan Democratic Republic on May 28, 1918 he worked as the Director of State Issues Department of Council of Ministers of ADR. When his brother Fatali Khan Khoyski formed the third cabinet of ADR, Rustam Khan was appointed the Minister of Social Security.[1][3] After Bolshevik take over of Azerbaijan, Khoyski remained in the country and served as Chairman of the Azerbaijan SSR Economic Council Board. In the following years, he also worked as a corporate lawyer in Baku and Moscow.[3]

He died in Moscow in 1948.[1] Rustam Khan Khoyski was buried at the Novodevichy Cemetery.[3][4]

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