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Rustler Steak House was a family-style steak house restaurant with locations in the Mid-Atlantic and Midwest United States. Rustler was similar to the Ponderosa and Sizzler steak house chains with a similar menu and cafeteria format. Rustler was a division of the Gino's fast-food restaurant chain, and a Rustler Steak House was usually located near a Gino's location.[citation needed]

Gino's operated Rustler from 1971 through 1982 when the Marriott Corporation purchased Gino's which it combined with the Roy Rogers chain. Marriott sold the Rustler chain in early 1983 to newly established Tenly Enterprises. Tenly closed some Rustler locations and in 1985 it sold the 108 remaining Rustler locations to Collins Foods who converted them to Sizzler Steak Houses.

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