Rusty Moe

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Rusty Moe
Origin Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
Genres Rock, hard rock, funk
Years active 2008 – present
Labels Independent
Members Aakash Jacob
Jonathan Tillich
Kevin P
Timmy Elliot
Divyan George
Past members Sujan Daniel
Edison Paul

Rusty Moe is a classic rock/funk band from Chennai, India. They have been active with the present name since 2008 and have played in and around Chennai.

The band has been together under different names since 1997. The present line-up consists of Aakash Jacob (vocals), Timmy Elliot (guitar), Jonathan Tillich (bass guitar), Kevin P (keyboard) and Divyan George (drums). The debut album has been in the works for almost a decade and due to the complex themes of the album and the nature of the content involved, it has been decided by the band members that the album will now be released posthumously, which will be pretty soon, considering the health condition of most of the members of the band.

Jacob, who is also a member of Chennai band Subject to Change, was hired as the new singer and the band immediately set about replacing all the old vocal tracks. During this process, the band also self-produced their first music video for their first single, "Wham Bam Thank You Ma'am". The band hopes to have ten to twelve tracks ready for the album which will be a mix of funk and classic rock.

The band was the first in India to release a Christmas single. They recorded their version of the "Rockin Around The Christmas Tree" in December 2008, which received a huge response from fans and others. With Jacob, the band released their second Christmas single in December 2011. It was a version of "Silver Bells" which was once again well received by fans.

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