Rusyns of Romania

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The Rusyns (Rusíni in Rusyn, Ruteni in Romanian) are an ethnic minority in Romania.

While only 262 people officially identified themselves as "Rusyns" in the 2002 Romanian census, 3,890 people identified as Hutsuls (Romanian: Huțuli; Rusyn Hutsuly) – a minority whose members often identify or are regarded as a subgroup of the Rusyns.

Another 61,091 Romanian citizens identified as Ukrainian (Romanian: Ucraineni). As the archaic exonym Ruthenians was previously applied to both Rusyns and Ukrainians, some Ukrainian-Romanians may also regard themselves as Rusyns (without declaring themselves to, or being identified by, census collectors).[citation needed] Ukrainian-Romanians live primarily in northwestern Romania; the largest populations are found in Satu Mare and Maramureş counties.

As an officially recognised ethnic minority, Rusyns have a reserved seat in the Romanian Chamber of Deputies, which is currently held by a party called the Cultural Union of Ruthenians of Romania.