Rutgers Scarlet Knights men's basketball statistical leaders

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The Rutgers Scarlet Knights men's basketball statistical leaders are individual statistical leaders of the Rutgers Scarlet Knights men's basketball program in various categories,[1] including points, three-pointers, assists, blocks, rebounds, and steals. Within those areas, the lists identify single-game, single-season, and career leaders. The Scarlet Knights represent Rutgers University in the NCAA's Big Ten Conference.

Rutgers began competing in intercollegiate basketball in 1906.[1] However, the school's record book does not generally list records from before the 1950s, as records from before this period are often incomplete and inconsistent. Since scoring was much lower in this era, and teams played much fewer games during a typical season, it is likely that few or no players from this era would appear on these lists anyway.

The NCAA did not officially record assists as a stat until the 1983–84 season, and blocks and steals until the 1985–86 season, but Rutger's record books includes players in these stats before these seasons. These lists are updated through the end of the 2018–19 season.







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