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Ruth Beverly Wilson was an American nurse married to alleged spy Jacob Epstein. Epstein had been wounded in the Spanish Civil War after he volunteered for the International Brigades. Ruth, who was a nurse, met him while he was recuperating from his injuries.[1] They were allegedly Soviet intelligence agents, who were stationed in Mexico City during World War II. They were allegedly involved in the efforts to break Leon Trotsky's killer, Ramón Mercader, out of a Mexican prison. Wilson's code name in Soviet intelligence and deciphered in the Venona transcripts is "Nona".


  1. ^ Communist activities among aliens and national groups United States. Congress. Senate. Committee on the Judiciary. Subcommittee on Immigration and Naturalization - 1950 "I was also assigned to check on another spy "apparatus" with headquarters on Perry Street, New York City. This was the home of a ... Sidney Leon Bogel, United States Army Medical Corps, and Ruth Beverley Wilson, wife of Jacob Epstein, Abraham Lincoln Brigade veteran. Ruth Wilson was a visiting nurse. Epstein had a .."
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