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Ruth Dodds (8 May 1890 – 1 April 1976[1]) lived in Gateshead, England and was an author, playwright and councillor of Gateshead. She was one of three daughters of bookbinder and historian Edwin Dodds.

She joined the Labour Party after the First World War and was elected to Gateshead Council in 1929. However, she failed to be selected as a Parliamentary candidate in 1931 and 1936. In 1939 she resigned from the Labour Party in protest at its support for war, and although she later rejoined she was not as politically active. She was made the first woman freeman of Gateshead in 1965.

She is known, with her sisters Hope and Sylvia, for founding the Little Theatre Gateshead.[2] A commemorative plaque to the three sisters was erected at their Gateshead home in 2005.[3]