Ruth Forman

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Ruth Forman
Ruth Forman, at Sunday Kind of Love, 2013
Nationality American
Alma mater University of California, Berkeley;
University of Southern California

Ruth Forman is an American poet. Her content focuses on spirituality, love, challenge, and grace. She currently travels around the United States performing readings from her recent publication; Prayers Like Shoes, and her children's book; Young Cornrows Calling Out the Moon.


She graduated from University of California, Berkeley, and University of Southern California film school.[1]

She lives in Washington DC.[2]


poetry should drop by a sweet potato pie
ask about the grandchildren
and sit through a whole photo album
on an orange plastic covered lazyboy with no place to go.[3]


  • 2001 Durfee Artist Fellowship to continue work on Mama John, her first novel
  • 1999 Pen Oakland Josephine Miles Award for Poetry.
  • 1992 Barnard Women Poets Prize





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