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Lady Ruth Gollancz (née Lowy; 1892–1973) was a British artist and wife of Sir Victor Gollancz.

Life and work[edit]

Ruth was the daughter of Ernest Daniel Lowy, a stockbroker. Ruth Gollancz studied art at the Slade school of art from 1909-12 under the direction of Henry Tonks. Her contemporaries at the Slade included C.R.W. Nevinson, Paul Nash, John Nash, Stanley Spencer, Mark Gertler and Gwen Raverat amongst others.[1] At this time she was also an active suffragette.[2]

She left the Slade school to undertake war work before going on to become one of the first female students at the Architectural Association in 1917[3] and a fully qualified architect.

Ruth married Victor Gollancz in 1919. They had five daughters[4] including the artist Vita Gollancz and the musician Livia Ruth Gollancz.


  • 1933 – Cooling & Sons Gallery
  • 1964 – Upper Grosvenor Galleries


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Further reading[edit]

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