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Ruth Jacott
Jacott at Het Grote Songfestivalfeest, 2019
Background information
Born (1960-09-02) 2 September 1960 (age 60)
Paramaribo, Suriname
Years active1988–present
LabelsCNR Music
Associated actsHumphrey Campbell

Ruth Jacott (born 2 September 1960 in Paramaribo) is a Surinamese-Dutch singer.

Jacott transitioned from musical theatre to popular music in 1993, when she represented the Netherlands at the Eurovision Song Contest 1993. Her song, "Vrede" (Peace), was one of the favorites to win, and ended up ranking sixth out of 25 at Millstreet. She has since released nine Dutch-language albums, four of which made the Top Ten on the Dutch music charts.


Ruth Jacott was born in Suriname and at nine, moved with her family to The Netherlands, where at 17 she took part in a talent contest, after which she received many offers to perform. She dropped out of the Hilversum Conservatory and began her career with The Vips and bands like The Skymasters, the VARA-Dansorkest and the Metropole Orkest.


In 1988, Jacott won the Knokke Festival in Belgium. After this success, she had many offers to work in the musical world. She landed key roles in Dutch and German-language productions of Cats and A Night at the Cotton Club, touring The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and Switzerland. In 1989, Jacott received the Zilveren Harp (Silver Harp) award. One year later, she sang the duet "Tegyo Makandra" with Hans Vermeulen, in commemoration of a plane crash in Paramaribo, the capital of Suriname. The duet was also released after the 1992 crash of an El Al flight in the Bijlmer (southeast Amsterdam), and became a hit.

In 1993, her career took an important turn when she was asked to represent The Netherlands at the Eurovision Song Festival in Ireland. She received 92 points and ranked No. 6 with the song "Vrede" (Peace).[1]

Her Dutch-language debut album Ruth Jacott was released shortly afterwards. In July, she had a big hit together with Paul de Leeuw with the duet "Blijf bij mij" (Stay with me). She sang this song solo during the Dutch heat of Eurovision. In Spring 1994, her second album "Hou me vast" (Hold me tight) came out and went double platinum in the Dutch market. In addition, she collaborated on albums with Gerard Joling, René Froger and Oscar Harris. With the charity single Buseruka, written together with listeners of Dutch radio station 3FM, she was able to collect donations for UNICEF and Oxfam Novib projects in Rwanda.

Her third album "Geheimen" (Secrets) was released in 1995 and went gold. She performed shows in major Dutch theaters, but became exhausted and needed to rest her voice. In February 1997, she was honored with a "Golden Harp" award. Two months later, her album Hartslag (Heartbeat) was released, which was also successful and was followed by another tour.

The compilation album Altijd Dichtbij (Always close) was released in 1998 and contained a selection of five years of hits. She sang the theme song of the Dutch film Kruimeltje.


In 2000, she had operation on her vocal cords. Once she recovered, she embarked on a new theater-tour. Her album Vals verlangen (False desire) went gold and in October, she performed at Amsterdam's Carré Theater which was filmed by TV network RTL 4 and recorded for CD release.

In 2002, the album Tastbaar (Tangible) was released and the single Onderhuids (Under my skin). Both were produced by Humphrey Campbell and the Dutch singing duo Fluitsma & Van Tijn. Two years later, the duet Nu Is Het Over (Now it's over) with Mark Dakriet (Re-Play) was released.

In 2004, the compilation CD Het Beste Van Ruth Jacott' (The best of Ruth Jacott) was released.

In the 2005–06 Dutch theater season, Ruth was again in Dutch theaters with her show A Touch of Latin in which she sang both in Dutch and Spanish, with some numbers reworked in a Latin style. By popular demand, the tour was prolonged and followed by a second tour in the 2006–07 season.

In 2008, Jacott played the title role in the musical Billie Holiday about the legendary African American singer. Her performance was well received by both critics and the public. On 2 June 2008, she received the Dutch Musical Award for "Best Female Lead in a Small Musical". In December, Ruth appeared with her own Christmas show, which was also well received.

On 23 March 2009, the single Jammer, maar helaas (Too bad) was released from her Latin double-CD Passie (Passion), which followed on 20 April 2009. CD 1 contained the original-language versions and CD 2 the Dutch-language versions. Passie was promoted with another tour starting in autumn of 2009.


In 2010, Jacott was a guest at the "Toppers" concert in the Amsterdam ArenA, where a quartet of well-known Dutch-language pop singers performed a high-camp show and where other top Dutch musical stars appeared as special guests. Jacott played a supporting role in 't Spaanse Schaep (The Spanish Sheep) as Jopie Vrijman. In June 2010, Jacott climbed Alpe d'Huez for the Radio 2 team on Radio 2's evening commute show "Knooppunt Kranenbarg" (Kranenbarg Junction). In 2016, she participated in the song-exchange-programme Ali B op volle toeren; Jacott was paired to rapper I Am Aisha who reworked Vrede.

Starting in February 2011, Jacott can be seen in her one-woman show Simply the Best, in which she performs songs and tells her life story in between the songs. On 4 October[when?], she released a new single duet with Edsilia Rombley called "Uit Het Oog, Niet Uit Mijn Hart".



Album title Release date Charting in the Dutch Album Top 100 Comments
Date of entry Highest Weeks
Ruth Jacott 1993 1 May 1993 30 23 Platinum
Hou me vast 1994 14 May 1994 2 80 2x Platinum
Geheimen 1995 14 October 1995 8 40 Gold
Hartslag 1997 12 April 1997 2 35 Platinum
Altijd dichtbij: De hitcollectie 1998 7 March 1998 11 16 Compilation
Vals verlangen 1999 1 May 1999 6 16 Gold
Live in Carré 2000 2 December 2000 44 13 Live album
Tastbaar 2002 16 November 2002 28 9
Het beste van Ruth Jacott 2004 13 March 2004 23 14 Compilation
Passie 17 April 2009 25 April 2009 13 18
A tribute to Billie Holiday 2010 20 November 2010 41 3 with the Metropole Orkest dir. by Michael Abene


Single title Release date Charting in the Dutch Top 40 Comments
Date of entry Highest Weeks
Teygo Makandra 1989 19 May 1990 tip17 - met Hans Vermeulen / No. 60 in de Single Top 100
Teygo Makandra 1992 24 October 1992 20 4 met Hans Vermeulen / re-release /
No. 27 in de Single Top 100 / Alarmschijf
Vrede 1993 15 May 1993 16 7 Eurovisiesongfestival / No. 16 in de Single Top 100
Blijf bij mij 1993 3 July 1993 5 10 met Paul de Leeuw / No. 5 in de Single Top 100 / Alarmschijf
Onderweg naar morgen 1994 5 February 1994 24 5 Tune voor de soap Onderweg Naar Morgen /
No. 15 in de Single Top 100
Vrij met mij 1994 23 April 1994 25 6 No. 19 in de Single Top 100
Buseruka (Lied voor Rwanda) / Ik kan echt zonder jou 1994 16 July 1994 8 12 No. 8 in de Single Top 100
Ik hou zoveel van jou (Rad van fortuin) 1994 15 October 1994 33 3 No. 30 in de Single Top 100
Zon voor de maan 1994 17 December 1994 tip18 -
You've got a friend 1995 9 September 1995 3 6 met Marco Borsato & René Froger /
No. 3 in de Single Top 100
Ik ga door 1995 30 September 1995 20 5 No. 24 in de Single Top 100
Kippevel 1995 25 November 1995 tip11 -
Hij gaat voor C! 1997 8 February 1997 3 8 als BN'ers voor BNN / No. 3 in de Single Top 100
Hartslag 1997 5 April 1997 32 6 No. 39 in de Single Top 100
Altijd dichtbij 1997 5 July 1997 tip2 - Ter promotie van KPN telefonie /
No. 49 in de Single Top 100
Liefde of lust 1997 18 October 1997 tip16 - No. 81 in de Single Top 100
Wat jij wil 1997 - No. 76 in de Single Top 100
Het laatste moment 1998 - No. 86 in de Single Top 100
Leun op mij 1999 27 March 1999 11 11 No. 13 in de Single Top 100
Kop dicht en kus me 1999 - No. 92 in de Single Top 100
Kruimeltje 1999 - Titelsong Kruimeltje / No. 85 in de Single Top 100
Waar ben je nou? 2000 - No. 68 in de Single Top 100
Onderhuids 2002 - No. 93 in de Single Top 100
Nu het over is 2004 - met Mark / No. 37 in de Single Top 100
Als je iets kan doen 6 January 2005 15 January 2005 1(4wk) 9 als Artiesten voor Azië / No. 1 in de Single Top 100 / Alarmschijf
Jammer maar helaas 2009 -
Seki Marinda 2009 -
Kom dans met mij 2009 -
Terug bij mij 2009 -
Uit Het Oog, Niet Uit Mijn Hart 4 October 2011 - TBD


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