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Betty Lee Duran
Born Ozark Mountains, Missouri, United States
Pen name Ruth Jean Dale,
Lee Duran
Occupation newspaper reporter, novelist
Nationality American
Period 1988 - present
Genre Romance Mystery Humor

Betty Lee Duran (b. in Ozark Mountains, Missouri, United States) was an American writer of romance novels. She started writing as Ruth Jean Dale, and now, she writes as Lee Duran.

Ruth Jean Dale's books have been translated in many foreign languages, including French, Spanish, German, Polish, Greek, Italian, Russian and Chinese. She has made frequent appearances on romance best seller lists, and was nominated a "Top Ten Favorite Author" by Affaire de Coeur magazine.

Duran retired temporarily in 2000 after her husband suffered a stroke. After his death in 2008, she returned to writing under her own name: Lee Duran.


Betty Lee Duran was born in the Ozark Mountains, Missouri. She traveled throughout the U.S. during her childhood. She studied Journalism in her native Missouri. She served in the U.S. Navy, and married a U.S. Marine. She worked as a newspaper reporter in California, with her husband. In 1984, she suffered a brain aneurysm, followed by three brain surgeries.[1]

Duran sold her first novel as Ruth Jean Dale on July 8, 1988. She also collaborated with her friend, the writer Margaret Brownley. They sold a two-year story projection to the CBS soap, As The World Turns. Duran retired temporarily in 2000 after her husband suffered a stroke. Following his death in 2008, she returned to writing under her own name: Lee Duran.[citation needed]


As Ruth Jean Dale[edit]


Stand alone novels[edit]

  • Extra! Extra! (1989)
  • Together Again (1990)
  • One More Chance (1990)
  • A Million Reasons Why (1992)
  • Society Page (1995)
  • The Seven-Year Itch (1996)
  • One in a Million (1999)
  • Parents Wanted! (1999)
  • Fiance Wanted! (2000)

The Taggarts of Texas! Saga[edit]

  1. Legend! (1993)
  2. Fireworks! (1992)
  3. The Red-Blooded Yankee! (1992)
  4. Showdown! (1993)
  5. Hitched! (2000)

The Camerons of Colorado Saga[edit]

  1. Kids, Critters and Cupid (1996)
  2. The Cupid Conspiracy (1996)
  3. The Cupid Chronicles (1996)
  4. Cupid's Revenge (1998)

Runaway Wedding Series[edit]

  1. Runaway Wedding (1996)
  2. A Simple Texas Wedding (1996)
  3. Runaway Honeymoon (1996)

Gone to Texas! Series[edit]

  1. The Wrangler's Woman (2000)
  2. Almost a Cowboy (2000)
  3. The Cowgirl's Man (2000)

Rebels & Rogues Series Multi-Author[edit]

  • The Red-Blooded Yankee! (1992)

Back To The Ranch Series Multi-Author[edit]

  • Wild Horses! (1994)

Matchmaking Moms Series Multi-Author[edit]

  • A Royal Pain (1997)

Simply the Best Series Multi-Author[edit]

  • Breakfast in Bed (1997)

Whirlwind Weddings Series Multi-Author[edit]

  • Dash to the Altar (1998)

Hero for Hire Series Multi-Author[edit]

  • A Private Eyeful (1998)

Texas Grooms Wanted! Series Multi-Author[edit]

  • Bachelor Available! (1998)

The Lyon Legacy Series Multi-Author[edit]

Bachelor Auction Series Multi-Author[edit]

  • Shane's Last Stand (2000)

A Walk Down the Aisle: Wedding Celebration Series Multi-Author[edit]

  • Trading Places (2001)


  • Something About Ewe / Purrfect Man (2001)

Omnibus in collaboration[edit]

As Lee Duran[edit]


Single novels in collaboration[edit]

Single novels[edit]

  • Meant For Each Other (2008)

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