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Ruth Agnes McCall Robertson Marietta (May 24, 1905 – February 17, 1998) was an American photojournalist known most for photographing Angel Falls in Venezuela and surveying them to establish them as tallest waterfalls in the world published in National Geographic magazine, November 1949. She was born in Taylorville, Illinois.



Books and articles by Robertson or with photographs by Robertson:

  • "Skyway to Asia", photos and captions by Ruth Robertson, Chicago Tribune, May 6, 1945, pC10; Des Moines Sunday Register, June 17, 1945
  • "ALSIB Story Compiled by Newswoman", Flying Magazine, October 1945 [1]
  • "Canada, The Link--USA to USSR," by Vilhjalmur Stefansson, The Rotarian, November 1946 [2]
  • "Jungle Journey to the World's Highest Waterfall," by Ruth Robertson, National Geographic, November 1949
  • "Comparison for a Cataract", Life magazine, May 2, 1955 [3]
  • Churun Meru--The Tallest Angel: Of Jungles and Other Journeys by Ruth Robertson, Whitmore Publishing, 1975. ISBN 0-87426-039-6
  • "Over the Edge" by Dan Morrison with photos by Ruth Robertson, TDC Magazine, May 1992

Articles about Robertson:

  • "Girl Photog Runs Afoul Army in Alaska", Editor and Publisher, 1945
  • "Peoria Girl Goes Overseas," Peoria Journal-Transcript, January 15, 1945
  • "Topics of the Times," New York Times May 18, 1949
  • "Angel on Devil's Mountain," Newsweek, June 6, 1949
  • "Treasure Hunt in a Lost World," by Richard F. Dempewolff, Popular Mechanics, October 1950 [4]
  • "A Photographic Gift of a Venezuelan Trek," National Geographic, September 1990

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