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Ruth of the Range is a 1923 American adventure film serial starring Ruth Roland that was the final feature created by scenarist Wilson Gillets for Pathe Productions.[1] The movie had three directors: Ernest C. Warde, son of famed actor Frederick Warde, who was fired for filming too many close-ups of Roland; his replacement, W. S. Van Dyke, soon quit for another job; and Frank Leon Smith was hired to complete the serial.[1] Gillets died during filming but before he had completed the script, leaving Smith to create his own story from existing footage.[1] Roland left the feature before filming the final two chapters, so Smith filmed her final scenes using her stuntman, Bob Rose, wearing a wig.[1]

The serial is now thought to be a lost film.[2]



A young woman (Roland) attempts to rescue her father from a gang that has kidnapped him in order to find out his secret for making "Fuelite," a substitute for coal.

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