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The Rutshire Chronicles is a series of romantic novels by Jilly Cooper. The stories tell tales of mainly British upper-class families, as well as the show-jumping and polo crowd, in numerous different sexually charged scenarios, often laced with adultery, illegitimate children, scandal, and sometimes, even death. They are linked by several recurring characters, chiefly Rupert Campbell-Black, and are set in the fictional English county of Rutshire, not to be confused with the real English county of Rutland.

Some of these characters, namely Campbell-Black and numerous characters associated with him, also occur in Cooper's novel Pandora, although it is not part of the series[citation needed]. The Campbell-Blacks, Lloyd-Foxes, France-Lynches, and other families from the Rutshire Chronicles also appear in Wicked! (2006). The tales are set in chronological order; however, they are readable as stand-alone novels.

In more recent years, her Rutshire Chronicles have come under fire for dated and problematic portrayals of race, homosexuality, gender roles and sexual consent.[1][2][3]

The Rutshire Chronicles[edit]

  1. Riders (1986)
  2. Rivals (1988; also known as Players)
  3. Polo (1991)
  4. The Man Who Made Husbands Jealous (1993)
  5. Appassionata (1996)
  6. Score! (1999)
  7. Pandora (2002)
  8. Wicked! (2006)
  9. Jump! (2010)
  10. Mount! (2016)

Main/recurring characters[edit]

  • Rupert Campbell-Black
  • Agatha 'Taggie' Campbell-Black, née O'Hara
  • Marcus and Tabitha Campbell-Black
  • Basil Baddingham
  • Billy Lloyd-Foxe
  • Janie Lloyd-Foxe
  • Declan O'Hara
  • Ricky France-Lynch
  • Cameron Cook
  • Lysander Hawkley
  • Flora Seymour
  • Roberto Rannaldini
  • Dame Hermione Harefield
  • Cosmo Rannaldini
  • Anthea Belvedon
  • Dora Belvedon