Ruvyironza River

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Ruvyironza River
Kagera catchment OSM.svg
Luvironzaa River (bottom center)
Physical characteristics
SourceMount Kikizi
 • locationBurundi
MouthRuvuvu River
 • location
Kagera Region
Length182.4 km (113.3 mi)

The Ruvyironza (or Luvironza) River is a river in Africa that is considered by some to be the most remote source of the Nile,[1] the world's longest river. It rises on Mount Kikizi in Burundi, and flows over the Rurubu River into the Kagera River in Tanzania,[2] and from there into Lake Victoria. With a total length of 182.4 km (113.3 mi).[clarification needed]


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Coordinates: 3°55′00″S 29°50′00″E / 3.9167°S 29.8333°E / -3.9167; 29.8333