Ruwer (river)

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Ruwertal kasel waldrach.jpg
Ruwer valley near Kasel.
Origin Hunsrück
Mouth Moselle
Basin countries Germany
Length 46 km (29 mi)
Basin area 238 km2 (92 sq mi)

The Ruwer is a river in Germany with a length of 46 kilometres (29 mi), a right tributary of the Moselle River. The valley of the Ruwer is a part of the wine-growing region Mosel near Trier in Rhineland-Palatinate. It is famous for its wines of Riesling, see Ruwer (region), and previous to August 1, 2007, the Mosel region used to be known as Mosel-Saar-Ruwer.

At the lower Ruwer valley are situated the villages Waldrach, Kasel, Mertesdorf, Eitelsbach and Ruwer.


Tributaries are Alkenbach, Altbach, Altweiherbach, Apfelbach, Avelbach, Bausbach, Benninger Bach, Bingelbach, Burg Heider Bach, Burkelsbach, Eitelsbach, Enterbach, Eschbach, Eselsbach, Flonterbach, Gimpelbach, Gondersbach, Grindelbach, Großbach, Hinzerter Bach, Kittelbach, Klinkbach, Kreidbach, Kundelbach, Labach, Lehbach, Misselbach, Moertschelbach, Mühlscheider Bach, Pehlbach, Rauruwer, Rimperterbach, Riveris, Rothbach, Siebenbornbach, Thielenbach, Waldbach, Waschbach, Weiherbach, Wenigbach, Wenzelbach and Weschbach.[1]


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Ruwer spring

Coordinates: 49°47′N 6°42′E / 49.783°N 6.700°E / 49.783; 6.700