Ruy Mountain

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Rui planina.jpg
Ruy Mountain seen from the Erma Valley in Bulgaria
Highest point
Elevation 1,706 m (5,597 ft)
Coordinates 42°51′46″N 22°34′32″E / 42.86278°N 22.57556°E / 42.86278; 22.57556Coordinates: 42°51′46″N 22°34′32″E / 42.86278°N 22.57556°E / 42.86278; 22.57556
Ruy is located in Bulgaria
Location in Bulgaria, on the border with Serbia
Location SerbiaBulgaria border

Ruy or Ruj (Bulgarian Cyrillic: Руй, Serbian Cyrillic: Руј) is a mountain on the border of western Bulgaria and southeastern Serbia. Its eponymous highest peak rises 1,706 meters above sea level. The mountain is located west of Tran and is part of the Ruy-Verila range. On a clear day one can see Rila and Vitosha in Bulgaria and Veliki Štresar in Serbia.[1]

Ruy Mountain's eponymous highest peak (1706 m), Bulgaria.


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