Rwanda Development Board

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Rwanda Development Board
IndustryInvestment promotion, Tourism & Conservation
HeadquartersKigali, Rwanda
Key people
Clare Akamanzi
Executive Director & CEO[1]
ProductsInvestment licenses, tax waivers, investment advisory, serviced land, SME training, tourism permits

Rwanda Development Board (RDB), is a government department that integrates all government agencies responsible for the attraction, retention and facilitation of investments in the national economy.[2]


The headquarters of RDB are located on KG 220 Street, in Kigali, the capital and largest city of Rwanda.[3] The coordinates of the RDB headquarters are:01°57'10.0"S, 30°06'10.0"E (Latitude:-1.952778; Longitude:30.102778).[4]


The Rwanda Development Board was established in 2009 to coordinate, spur and promote national economic development. RDB includes agencies responsible for "business registration, investment promotion, environmental clearances, privatization and specialist agencies which support the priority sectors of ICT and tourism as well as SMEs and human capacity development in the private sector".[2] The Executive Director's position, is a cabinet-level position and the incumbent is appointed by and reports directly to the president of Rwanda.[2][5] RDB measures its achievements in (a) direct foreign and domestic investments, (b) increased exports and (c) number of jobs created.[6]


As of September 2017, the senior managers in the RDB include the following: 1. Clare Akamanzi, the Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer 2. Emmanuel Hategeka, the Chief Operating Officer 3. Mark Nkurunziza, the Chief Financial Officer 4. Belise Kariza, the Chief Tourism Officer 5. Winifred Ngangure, the Acting Head of the Investment Promotion Department 6. Eugene Mutangana, the Head of the Conservation Department and 7. Louise Kanyonga, the Registrar General.[7]

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Coordinates: 01°57′19″S 30°06′10″E / 1.95528°S 30.10278°E / -1.95528; 30.10278