Rwandan parliamentary election, 2003

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Parliamentary elections were held in Rwanda between 29 September and 3 October 2003. They were the first parliamentary elections since 1988. They were also only the second multiparty national elections in the country's history, and the first since 1961. They were held following the approval of a new constitution in a referendum in August 2003.

The result was a victory for the Rwandan Patriotic Front-led coalition, which won 40 of the 53 elected seats in the new Chamber of Deputies, and eighteen of the 27 reserved for women, youth and the handicapped.[1] Voter turnout was 96.5%.


Party Votes % Seats
Elected Reserved Total
Rwandan Patriotic Front coalition* 2,774,661 73.78 40 18 58
Social Democratic Party 463,067 12.31 7
Liberal Party 396,978 10.56 6
Party for Progress and Concord 83,563 2.25 0
Independents 42,333 1.13 0
Invalid/blank votes 58,001 - - -
Total 3,818,603 100 53 27 80
Source: African Elections Database

* The RPF-led coalition included the Rwandan Patriotic Front (33 seats), the Christian Democratic Party (3 seats), the Islamic Democratic Party (2 seats), the Democratic Union of the Rwandan People (1 seat) and the Rwandan Socialist Party (1 seat)


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