Ryōgoku Bridge

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Coordinates: 35°41′40″N 139°47′19″E / 35.69431°N 139.788719°E / 35.69431; 139.788719

Ryōgoku Bridge and the Great Riverbank (8th Month, 1856) - Brooklyn Museum
Ryōgoku Bridge (c. 1780)

The Ryōgoku Bridge (両国橋, Ryōgoku-bashi) is a bridge in Tokyo built in 1659 spanning the Sumida River just upstream of its confluence with the Kanda River. Its name, meaning "two provinces", came from its joining Edo (the forerunner of Tokyo in Musashi Province) and Shimōsa Province. The neighborhood at the east end of the bridge, Ryōgoku, derived its name from that of the bridge.

The bridge featured in the 2015 anime "Miss Hokusai".