Ryūkōsai Jokei

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Examples of the signatures of Ryūkōsai Jokei

Ryūkōsai Jokei (Japanese: 流光斎 如圭) was a painter, illustrator, and designer of ukiyo-e-style Japanese woodblock prints in Osaka, who was active from about 1777 to 1809. He was a student of Shitomi Kangetsu (1747–1797), who in turn was the son and pupil of Tsukioka Settei (1710–1786). Ryūkōsai is considered to be either the founder[1] or one of the founders[2] of the Osaka school of ukiyo-e. He is best known for his portraits of actors.[2] His prints are mostly in the hosoban format.

Pupils of Ryūkōsai include Shōkōsai Hanbei and Urakusai Nagahide.



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