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For the lacrosse player, see Ryan Avery (lacrosse).
Ryan Chadwick Avery
Born Ryan Chadwick Avery
Phoenix, Arizona
Occupation Singer, comedian and performance artist
Website ryan.thegoodshows.com

Ryan Avery (born 1986) is an American singer, comedian and performance artist, photobooth artist and Mormon missionary from Phoenix, Arizona. He has emerged as a prominent representative of the downtown Phoenix art, music, comedy, and improv scenes, taking his acts into California for performances with The Radioactive Chicken Heads and Quintron and Miss Pussycat, as well as local performances with The Aquabats, Peelander-Z, Good Riddance, Wild Man Fischer, and Thanksgiving. He returned from a hiatus serving a Mormon mission in Portland, Oregon in August 2008.


Avery was born in 1986 and raised in the Mormon religion. He has been diagnosed with hypopituitarism, which causes his youthful appearance. After his parents' 1993 divorce and disciplinary incidents at school, Avery used performance to work out his issues.

Performance art, comedy, and improv[edit]

Hi, My Name Is Ryan[edit]

This vehicle for Avery's work runs the gamut between monologue, improv, spoken word, and stand-up comedy, with the first performance being set up like a talk show (which led to the creation of Grand Avenue Tonight), and subsequent performances including wrapping the audience in crime scene tape.

Improv Theatre[edit]

Avery began studying improv with Phoenix improv troupe Galapagos. Members of Galapogos are the directors of the Phoenix Improv Festival. Ryan performed with Galapagos as well as another improv troupe called Catorce (with members JRC, Amy Carpenter, and Bri).

Grand Avenue Tonight[edit]

Avery hosted a recurring show called Grand Avenue Tonight. The show was conceived by JRC and Avery after a Hi, My Name Is Ryan performance that was set up like a talk show. During Grand Avenue Tonight Ryan interviewed notable local artists, musicians, as well as touring acts like Duckmandu. Avery handed the reins over to a new host Kevin Patterson, a spoken word performer, and new co-host and producer Brodie Foster Hubbard, who had previously contributed to the show as a writer and frequent guest.

Uncle Sku's Clubhouse[edit]

Avery co-starred, as neighborhood youth Jeremy "Caspar" Kinds, in this live stage "kids show for adults", a satirical take on children's television series, performed at various art venues in downtown Phoenix.[1] The show also featured musical guests, such as Andrew Jackson Jihad and Vermillion Lies. Avery took a hiatus from the show during the time of his Mormom mission.

On Screen Performance[edit]

Avery also starred in a short film by Darren Burgett called 'Rocky Road'. In this film he portrays an overweight young man on a quest for ice cream. Along the way his character encounters many problems with bullies.

Collaborations with Emily Spetrino-Murtagh[edit]

Avery was a promoter in the Arizona ska scene, and owned and operated the now defunct AZSKA.com. Avery was also a moderator on the forum for The Aquabats official site and the now defunct AZMUSICFORUMS.com. Through these channels, he formed a friendship with Emily Spetrino-Murtagh. Avery went on to form The Good Shows promotion group with Spetrino-Murtaugh, working with such acts as Peelander-Z, Quintron and Miss Pussycat, Captain Ahab, Triple Nipple, Kimya Dawson, and The Radioactive Chicken Heads. Most of his shows take place at the Trunk Space. Avery and Spetrino-Murtagh perform as The Best Friends, an a cappella duo.

Father's Day[edit]

Arguably Avery's most known project, Father's Day, is a thrash band consisting of Avery, the Jemsek brothers, and Spetrino-Murtagh. Each is known by an alias; Spetrino-Murtagh as "Classy Dad," Andrew Jemsek as "Golf Dad," Tristan Jemsek as "Drunk Dad," and Avery as "Business Dad." Avery's character is named "Douglas Patton," after the first and middle names of Avery's father. The character resembles Tony Clifton due to Avery's use of a fake handlebar moustache while performing as the character. The music is punk rock, but the lyrics are written to portray what a dysfunctional father might say to his family. Songs include "When I Say Woman, I'm Talking To You," "Spank the World," and "My Son's a Gay." A music video for their hit song "Are You Asleep Out There?", from the EP "I Gotta Look My Best", can be viewed on YouTube. The band once opened up for Good Riddance but was then kicked off stage and subsequently banned from the venue. The megahits "Get a Haircut" and "Are You Asleep Out There?" appear on the Methodist Leisure Inc. freebie funcore compilation Short Attention Span (2009, Methodist)

The Cullens[edit]

Capitalizing on or mocking all things Twilight, Avery and pals formed a band that performs songs inspired by the book/movie series Twilight called "The Cullens". The band went on a "National Tour" starting in Phoenix Arizona and ending up somewhere in Washington state (Forks, WA was the goal). Their arrival in Forks was to coincide with opening night of the movie The Twilight Saga: New Moon.

Photobooth art[edit]

After the installation of a black-and-white photobooth at the Trunk Space, Avery devoted himself to "photobooth art," as noted on Mark Mothersbaugh's website.

Examples of Ryan's Photobooth Art can be found on his official website.

Art Exhibition[edit]

An art exhibition called "Do You See the Rose in the Trash?" featuring the art of Corey Busboom and Ryan Avery took place at the Trunk Space in Phoenix, Arizona from Jan-Feb 2009. Ryan's work included recent works, an 80 lb. tie ball, some poloraid collages, and many silk screened prints of Phoenix artist Wayne Michael Reich along with quotes from Wayne's online musings. Interestingly enough, several of Corey Busboom's creations from this exhibition were purchased by Mark Mothersbaugh of Devo and were featured in a music performance by Devo of their song Watch Us Work It, the "Still Workin' Mix", during an episode of the hit show Yo Gabba Gabba.[2]

Mormon faith and farewell[edit]

Avery's religion is an influence, though not a barrier, to his performing. However, he announced in summer of 2006 that his church had accepted him to go as a Mormon missionary to Portland, Oregon. Avery completed his mission in 2008, after which he returned to Phoenix, Arizona and continued his performing.

On August 16, 2006, the Trunk Space celebrated his career up to that point with the premiere of a short film, "Rocky Road," in which Avery starred. Among the nearly 20 performances were several local artists, Red Pony Clock, the Nourishment with special guest Phil Lawrence joining Archbishop Jason Polland, Joe Tepperman, Blair Sterrett and Jeremy Matthews, and Wild Man Fischer of Rhino Records fame in his first public appearance in five years. Avery concluded the show with his "Hi My Name Is Ryan" performance-art piece.

The Real Coachella[edit]

In a more than obvious spoof of the Indio California music festival, Avery organizes an annual music festival in Phoenix Arizona at the Trunk Space called "The Real Coachella".


The 2010 Real Coachella was held in Tucson (Day One - Friday, April 23, 2010 at 6:00pm) and Phoenix (Day Two - Saturday, April 24, 2010 at 6:00pm).

Documentary, "Hi My Name is Ryan"[edit]

Hi My Name is Ryan is a documentary film about Ryan Avery. The film chronicles some of Ryan's personal struggles, his performances, and his own search for happiness. Salt Lake City filmmakers Paul Eagleston and Stephen Rose directed and produced the film. Most of the footage of Ryan was shot during his final days in Phoenix before his 2-year mission. A trailer for this film can be viewed on YouTube.

CineVegas 2008 Film Festival[edit]

"Hi My Name is Ryan" had its World Premiere on Jun 14 at the 2008 CineVegas Film Festival before a sold out theater. It was shown twice during the festival which is held in Las Vegas, Nevada. The film was selected as one of only six documentaries in competition to be shown during the 2008 event. Its premiere was heralded in the Phoenix New Times.

"Hi My Name is Ryan" was awarded with the Special Documentary Jury Prize at Cinevegas 2008.

SILVERDOCS 2008 Film Festival[edit]

"Hi My Name is Ryan" had its East Coast Premier June 19 at the 2008 SILVERDOCS Film Festival near Washington, D.C.. The documentary was shown twice during the festival which ran from June 16–23 at the American Film Institute's AFI Silver Theatre and Cultural Center. SILVERDOCS is an international film festival which features documentaries exclusively.

Calgary International Film Festival 2008[edit]

"Hi My Name is Ryan" had its Canadian Premiere Friday September 26 at the 2008 Calgary International Film Festival (CIFF). The film screened twice at The Uptown Stage and Screen. CIFF is a fairly new film festival and has an average attendance of about 40,000. CIFF 2008 ran from September 19 to the 28th. "Hi My Name is Ryan" was shown as part of the Documentary Showcase category.

Woodstock Film Festival 2008[edit]

"Hi My Name is Ryan" had its New York Premiere Saturday October 4, 2008 as part of the Woodstock Film Festival at the Bearsville Theater in Woodstock New York at 11:30am. The film also screened Sunday October 5 at the Upstate Films Theater at 8pm. "Hi My Name is Ryan" was one of approx 30 feature-length documentaries that were shown during the festival which ran from October 1–5, 2008.

Indie Memphis Film Festival 2008[edit]

On October 12, 2008 "Hi My Name is Ryan" screened as part of the Indie Memphis Film Festival. The film showed at the Studio on the Square in the heart of the historic Overton Square neighborhood in Midtown Memphis. The 2008 Indie Memphis Film Festival took place October 9–16. "Hi My Name is Ryan" is one of twelve documentaries in competition at the festival. During the festival "Hi My Name is Ryan" was also selected to have an encore screening on October 16, 2008.

San Francisco International Documentary Festival 2008[edit]

The West Coast Premiere of "Hi My Name is Ryan" occurred Friday October 17 at 7:15pm as part of the 2008 San Francisco International Documentary Film Festival. The film screened twice during the 3 week documentary film festival, on October 17 and the 23rd at 7:15pm, at The Roxie Theatre on the Big Roxie Screen.

AFI FEST 2008[edit]

"Hi My Name is Ryan" participated in the documentary competition at AFI FEST 2008. The film screened twice at the ArcLight Hollywood Theatre in Hollywood, California. The first screening took place Thursday, November 6 at 9:20pm and the second screening was on Saturday, November 8 at 12:30pm. "Hi My Name is Ryan" was one of 14 films in the documentary competition.

During AFI FEST the film was promoted at a Benefit Show at the Roosevelt Hotel on Nov 7, 2008. Proceeds went to VH1's 'Save the Music Foundation'. The show featured well known musicians:

and artists:

Phoenix Film Festival 2009[edit]

The Home Town Premiere of "Hi My Name is Ryan" happened on Thursday April 2, 2009 at 10pm as part of the Phoenix Film Festival 2009. Director Morgan Spurlock attended in support of the film and introduced the film to the audience. "Hi My Name is Ryan" was one of only two films that was screened in the Cine Capri Theatre as part of the festival that night.

Salt Lake City Film Festival 2009[edit]

"Hi My Name is Ryan" screened during the August 2009 Salt Lake City Film Festival and won the award "Best of Fest" according to the film's MySpace page.



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