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Ryan Dacko (born 1978) is an independent filmmaker based in Syracuse, New York. Dacko served in the United States Coast Guard and used his free time while on a tour of duty at Antarctica to create the screenplay of And I Lived, a melodrama about high school lovers threatened by peer pressure and class warfare.[1] And I Lived debuted at the B-Movie Film Festival in 2005 and won two awards.[2]

In 2007, Dacko premiered Plan 9 from Syracuse, a documentary that followed his attempt to gain attention from a prominent film producer by staging a cross-country run from Syracuse to Hollywood.[3] The film received screenings on the U.S. film festival circuit[4] and won awards for Best Picture and Best Director at the 2008 New Haven Underground Film Festival.[5] Plan 9 from Syracuse was released in August 2008 on DVD by SRS Cinema.[6]


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