Ryan McCombs

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Ryan McCombs
Drowning Pool at Fort Wainwright 2010 Ryan McCombs 3.jpg
McCombs performing with Drowning Pool in 2010
Background information
Born (1974-07-16) July 16, 1974 (age 44)
Muncie, Indiana, U.S.
  • Guitar
  • vocals
  • bass
Years active
  • 1997–2004
  • 2005–present
Associated acts
Website soiltheband.com

Ryan McCombs (born July 16, 1974) is an American vocalist. From 1997 to 2004 he was the vocalist of the rock band Soil.[1] McCombs has also served as the vocalist for alternative metal band Drowning Pool[2] from 2005 until his departure in 2011. He has since reunited with Soil.


Soil (1997–2004)[edit]

Ryan McCombs was discovered by SOiL through a compilation CD of unsigned bands. He joined the rock band Soil as lead vocalist in mid-1997. The band has released three albums and one EP during his time in the group: El Chupacabra (EP) and Throttle Junkies, Scars, and Redefine. With heavy anthems like "Halo" and "Unreal," the band gained commercial recognition and international status with their second album, Scars, in 2001. Their 2004 follow-up would continue Soil's significant exposure. While touring for their latest album, McCombs suddenly decided to leave the band,[3] which caused the cancellation of many scheduled performances alongside acts like Sevendust and Damageplan.

Drowning Pool (2005–2011)[edit]

After his departure, McCombs took a hiatus from the music business. His hiatus only lasted one year, by the time he returned to music, Soil had already found a new lead singer. Around this time, Drowning Pool's second singer, Jason Jones, left to join alternative band A.M. Conspiracy. Amidst rumors spreading about who would be Drowning Pool's next singer, the band confirmed the new vocalist's identity at Ozzfest in Dallas, Texas on August 25, 2005 to be Ryan McCombs.[4]

The first Drowning Pool song released with Ryan McCombs as the singer was a remake of their song "Rise Up", originally performed with Jason Jones as lead singer. The song was titled "Rise Up 2006" and featured as a bonus downloadable track on WWE Wreckless Intent, and was the theme for WWE Friday Night SmackDown until 2008. The soundtrack to the film Saw III contains a demo version of "No More," the second track released with McCombs on vocals. Drowning Pool recorded their third studio album, Full Circle, and was released on August 7, 2007. It featured the hit single "37 Stitches". "Shame", which was released as the album's last single, was featured in the Saw IV soundtrack.

In 2010, the band released their fourth album, Drowning Pool. The album featured McCombs as vocalist, thus being the first Drowning Pool album not to feature a new lead singer.

In November 2011, it was announced that McCombs and Drowning Pool would be parting ways, and that he would once again be the permanent vocalist for SOiL.

Return to Soil (2011–present)[edit]

In 2011, Ryan McCombs rejoined SOiL. The band played various venues throughout the United Kingdom including Download festival at which it played a live acoustic set for the first time. The band released their new album "Whole" on August 16, 2013 (worldwide) and August 20, 2013 (North America).

Personal life[edit]

Ryan is divorced and has two children.[5] He married his second wife in 2017.



Drowning Pool[edit]


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