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Ryan McLachlan
Ryan McLachlan.JPG
Neighbours character
Portrayed byRichard Norton
First appearance15 February 1990
Last appearance21 March 1991
Introduced byDon Battye
ClassificationFormer; regular
Daphne's Coffee Shop assistant

Ryan McLachlan is a fictional character from the Australian soap opera Neighbours, played by Richard Norton. He made his first screen appearance on 15 February 1990 and remained on the show until 21 March1991.


Norton told Chrissie Camp of TV Week that he "couldn't believe his luck" when he received the role of Ryan.[1] He moved to Melbourne when he was nineteen to begin filming.[1]


Ryan was the older brother of Tiffany McLachlan (Amber Kilpatrick) and he was very protective towards his younger sister.[2] Anthony Hayward, author of The Who's Who of Soap Operas, described Ryan as "intelligent and excellent in sports such as athletics, surfing and basketball".[2] Ryan also enjoyed singing, girls and looking for something new and exciting. He was popular and proved to be a loyal friend.[2] Hayward went on to say that while Ryan had a mischievous sense of humour, he often became annoyed when he was the victim of his sister's practical jokes.[2] Ryan moved to Erinsborough, after being expelled from his private school.[2] When he started at the local high school, Ryan told the other pupils that he had been expelled for locking a teacher in a cupboard.[2]

Ryan and Tiffany come to Ramsay Street to stay with their aunt, Dorothy Burke (Maggie Dence). The storyline highlighted how Dorothy was ill equipped to look after children and helped learn more about the character's background.[3] Norton stayed with Neighbours for one year until he left to join the cast of rival soap opera Home and Away.[4] Ryan's departure storyline saw him leave Ramsay Street to join the army.[5]


Ryan arrives in Erinsborough after being expelled from private school. After an initially frosty start, he soon makes friends with Nick Page (Mark Stevens), Sharon Davies (Jessica Muschamp), Matt Robinson (Ashley Paske) and Lee Maloney (Maree Ackhurst). Sharon takes a shine to Ryan but he is oblivious to this, instead asking her if a friend of hers is interested in him.

When Dorothy becomes principal of Erinsborough High, he finds it hard to swallow and receives some teasing about it. Gemma Ramsay (Beth Buchanan) moves with her aunt Madge (Anne Charleston) and uncle Harold Bishop (Ian Smith) and both Matt and Ryan are taken with her. Ryan is disappointed when Gemma chooses Matt. Ryan's parents, Russell and Petra (Bernadette Wheatley), go overseas and he moves in with Dorothy. After doing a little digging, Ryan uncovers the truth about his uncle Colin (Robert Alexander) being in prison , rather than being dead as Dorothy had led him to believe. After Colin is paroled, he and Dorothy give their marriage another chance, but it falls apart when Colin is discovered having an affair with Rosemary Daniels (Joy Chambers). Ryan then stands by Dorothy during the fallout.

Ryan later passes his HSC and decides to become a postman. During one of his rounds he is seduced by married woman Virginia Wenham (Kristie Grant) but before anything can happen, Ryan flees when her husband, Bernie (Robert Morgan) almost catches them one day. Bernie recognizes Ryan and after selling him Encyclopedias against his will, he threatens him to stay away from Virginia. After listening to Jim Robinson's (Alan Dale) Vietnam War stories, Ryan decides to enlist in the army. This decision shocks Ryan's friends and Dorothy but they agree to support him all the way and Ryan leaves Erinsborough.


A writer for the BBC's Neighbours website said Ryan's most notable moment was "Telling his rich girlfriend to hit the road".[6]


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