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Ryan Miller (born 1974 in Albuquerque, New Mexico[citation needed]) is a writer who worked as a design director for the computer game company Cyan Worlds, founded by his brothers Rand and Robyn Miller. Ryan is credited with writing the initial draft of the Book of Atrus for Myst.[1] He also received acknowledgment for helping develop the story lines in Book of Ti'ana, Book of D'ni, and Uru.

In 2004, Miller and his wife, Heidi, opened Mango Ink, a boutique greeting card company,[2] and in 2014 opened 08 Left, an aviation/airport art company. [3]

Miller started Branches church in 2010 and continues to pastor. [4]

Miller self-published three books: Inkarri (2003), The Naked Fruit (2010) and Everything Breathes (2013). He lives in Spokane, Washington.


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