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Ryan Obermeyer
Background information
Born (1981-02-13) February 13, 1981 (age 35)
Origin Dallas, Texas Flag of the United States.svg
Occupation(s) Artist - Photographer, Painter, Graphic Designer
Website http://www.ryanobermeyer.com/

Ryan Obermeyer (born February 13, 1981 in Dallas, Texas) is an American artist who works in photography, drawing, sculpting, and painting. He is recognized for his surreal digital photographs that have appeared on album packaging for recording artists, book jackets, and ad campaigns. Obermeyer practices a style of digital photography by collaging and "painting" parts of many of his photographs into one seamless amalgam. Obermeyer digitally cuts and manipulates even single strands of hair or folds in fabric. This process leads to a classification of his work between photography and digital illustration. He draws freely from many influences including classic children's literature, mythology, biological processes, aquatic life, music, and film.


Obermeyer was briefly mentored by a painter at the age of 14 in Dallas. He attended college for a year in Texas before relocating to New York City for a graphic design internship in 1999. Despite the absence of formal training, Obermeyer rose from office intern to contributor, single-handedly undertaking major illustration projects for clients that included The Juilliard School and The Glaucoma Foundation.

Obermeyer left the internship after a year and established the graphic design firm ON Company with partner Eric Neuner. Obermeyer was responsible for designing and executing illustrations, imagery, and photographs for their design pieces. They achieved commercial success and received critical acclaim from the New York Times for "excellence in design" for their work with World Monuments Fund.[1] Despite the accolades, he remained devoted to his artistic works. Many of ON Company's clients were directly affected by the unfortunate events of September 11 and the firm was forced to disband in 2002. Obermeyer returned to Texas to focus on his personal artistic endeavors.


Lost & Found - Created for recording artists Rasputina, 2001

While still living in Manhattan, Obermeyer attended a concert featuring the cello rock band Rasputina. A friendship with the singer Melora Creager, founded on aesthetic similarities, was forged. Obermeyer created his first commissioned digital piece, Lost & Found, for the imminent Rasputina CD release of the same name (2001). He was the youngest artist to be included at the 44th Annual Society of Illustrators Exhibition in New York with this piece. Obermeyer has since created numerous pieces for the band and has accompanied them on several unconventional American tours, selling books of his art while contributing backup vocals from the merchandise area. He conceived artwork for several of their subsequent releases including Cabin Fever (2002), My Fever Broke (2002), and Frustration Plantation (2004).

Della Vigna I - Created for Darkhenge by Catherine Fisher 2004

While continuing his longstanding dedication to visualizing the aural projects of musicians, he has also been hired to realize several novelists' written works with imagery for book jackets and illustrations. His literary collaborations include several images for novels by Caitlín R. Kiernan and Catherine Fisher.

Sonar - Created for Greenpeace Italia, Whaleless campaign 2005

In 2005, he was hired by Greenpeace Italia to create a special piece for a collective ad campaign (Whaleless) to promote the Save the Whales cause.

In 2006, Obermeyer was invited to be a contributor to the spoken-word film, Phone Sex from director Steve Balderson featuring phone message descriptions left by Obermeyer, Ron Jeremy, Margaret Cho, Edie McClurg, and many others.

His most recent collaborations include recording artists Milosh, Back Ted N-Ted, KaiserCartel, and Imogen Heap -previously of the band Frou Frou- producing several images to promote her solo album, Speak for Yourself, including cover art for an exclusive Live Session (iTunes Exclusive EP), her single Goodnight and Go, and her single Headlock (song).

Subterranean 5.4 (Pearl Phoenix) - Created for recording artist, Imogen Heap 2006
Headlock (Locked) - Created for recording artist, Imogen Heap, 2006
Dentata - Created for recording artist, Milosh, 2008

Awards and exhibitions[edit]

Obermeyer received a citation from The New York Times in 2000 for "Excellence in Design." He was the youngest featured artist at the New York chapter of the 44th Annual Society of Illustrators exhibition in 2002. He was named one of the winners in the Adobe Photoworkshop Digital Imaging Contest (2005), and The Hearst Corporation selected him for inclusion in the 8 X 10 International Photography Biennial Competition (2011).

Exhibitions: Aurora Gallery, TX (2006) The Irving Art Association Galleries, TX (2007) The Strychnine Gallery London, UK (2008) The Strychnine Gallery Berlin, DE (2009) Whaleless exhibition at the Civic Aquarium of Milan, Italy (2010) ArtErotica Exhibition of Austin, TX (2010) Museum of Modern Photography, CA (2010) The Art of Skateboarding Exhibition South Side on Lamar, TX (2010) Five x Seven Exhibition at AMOA Arthouse Austin, TX (2011) 8 X 10 Exhibition at the Alexey Brodovitch Gallery & Hearst Corporation Galleries of Hearst Tower (New York City) (2011) Annenberg Foundation Space for Photography Los Angeles, CA (2012) Art Takes Times Square Digital Screen Exhibition hosted by See.me and Times Square Alliance- Broadway and 43rd Street, NY, June 18 (2012) Five x Seven Exhibition at AMOA Arthouse Austin, TX (2013)

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