Ryan Ogren

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Ryan Ogren
Birth name Ryan Ogren
Origin New Jersey, United States
Genres pop, rock, R&B
Occupation(s) Singer, Songwriter, Producer, Musician
Instruments Vocals, guitars, drums, programming, piano, bass
Years active 2002-present

Ryan Ogren is an American singer-songwriter and producer signed to Prescription Songs. He began his musical career playing in the band Don't Look Down, and then later Over It and Runner Runner.


Don't Look Down[edit]

As the vocalist/guitarist/songwriter in Don't Look Down, Ogren was signed to Nitro Records[1] (Dexter Holland of The Offspring's label) and toured with Fall Out Boy,[2] Yellowcard,[3] and many others.

Over It[edit]

In 2005, Ogren joined Over It as a guitarist, keyboardist, and background vocalist. The band was signed to Virgin Records and released Step Outside Yourself.[4]

Runner Runner[edit]

Members of Over It and Rufio joined together to form Runner Runner,[5] which was signed to EMI and achieved radio success with their songs "So Obvious" (charted at #34 on the pop charts[6]) and "I Can't Wait", which has become a popular wedding song.

Selected writing and production discography[edit]


  • Jack & Jack - "2 Cigarettes" (writer/producer)
  • Jack & Jack - "Distraction" (writer/producer)
  • Terror Jr - "Appreciation" (writer/producer)
  • Terror Jr - "Personal" (writer/producer)
  • Trey Songz - "Priceless" (writer/producer)


  • Jake Miller - "Astronaut" (writer/producer)
  • Jordan Fisher - "All I Wanna Do" (writer/producer)
  • Mollie King - "Back to You" (writer/producer)
  • Chris Lane - "Who's It Gonna Be" (writer)
  • Dreamers - "Painkiller' (writer/co-producer)
  • Dirty Heads - "Oxygen" (writer/producer)
  • Before You Exit - "Suitcase" (writer/producer/mixer)
  • BUNT. - "Old Guitar" (writer)
  • Simple Plan - "Farewell" (writer)
  • Whissell - "Rumours" (writers)


  • R. Kelly - "Marching Band" (writer)
  • Lawson - "Love Is You" (writer)
  • Simple Plan - "Boom!" (writer)
  • Los 5 - "Manana" (writer/vocal producer)


  • Zella Day - "Hypnotic" (writer/co-producer)
  • Kim Cesarion - "Can't Love Nobody" (writer/co-producer)
  • Brantley Gilbert - "Bottoms Up" official pop remix (producer)
  • Ben Rue - "I Can't Wait (Be My Wife)" (writer)
  • Niykee Heaton - "Champagne for the Pain" (writer/producer)
  • The Cab - "Numbers", "Stand Up" (writer/producer)


  • Chain Gang of 1974 - "Sleepwalking" (writer/producer)
  • Survive This - The Life You've Chosen (producer)
  • Girl On Fire - "Losing My Identity" (writer)
  • Girl On Fire - "The Takedown" (writer)
  • Girl On Fire - "Ready to Fight" (writer)
  • Girl On Fire - "Not Broken" (writer)
  • Girl On Fire - "Monster" (Writer)
  • Big Time Rush - "Song For You" (writer/producer)
  • Falling In Reverse - Fashionably Late (writer/producer)
  • Emblem 3 - "I Love LA" (writer/producer)


  • Austin Mahone - "Say You're Just A Friend" (writer)
  • Chris Wallace - "I'll Be There" (writer/producer)
  • Chris Wallace - "Timebomb" (writer)
  • Chris Wallace - "Hurricane" (writer)
  • Lostprophets - "Jesus Walks" (writer)
  • Queensberry - "Timeless" (writer/producer)
  • Hitomi - "Zero Gravity" (writer)
  • Issues - "The Worst of Them" (writer)
  • Charlotte Sometimes - "Make Love to a Stranger" (writer/producer)