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Ryan Pickett
Born Ryan Pickett
Baltimore, MD, United States of America
Website www.ryanpickettproductions.com

Ryan Pickett is an American filmmaker.

Early life[edit]

Ryan hails from Howard County, Maryland, and he was raised in Germany as well as Hawaii by father George Pickett, who was a member of the USA Olympic Weightlifting Team in the 1968 Olympics, Mexico City, as well as mother Cheryl Pickett.[1]

Education And Personal Life[edit]

Ryan received a BA in English Language and Literature at University of Maryland, College Park, a BS in Computer Science and Information Systems from Austin Peay State University, and is currently working on a graduate degree in the Computer Science field at Georgia Tech.

Ryan Pickett Productions[edit]

In 2008, Ryan created Ryan Pickett Productions. Ryan submitted a business plan for a feature film production company along with his first short movie You Only Loved Me Twice and was selected as a top 5 finalist for Global Entrepreneurship Week film entrepreneurship competition The Race to BE hosted by media mogul Russell Simmons at Sony Picture Studios in Los Angeles in 2008.[2][3]



Ryan directed, produced and co-wrote avant-garde short film Look, which won an Award of Merit in the 2009 Accolade Competition for student films, an Award of Merit in the 2011 Best Shorts Competition for experimental films, a Gold Award in the 2011 California Film Awards, a Silver Lei Award in the 2012 Honolulu Film Awards, as well as Best Original Score and an Award of Excellence in the 2012 Los Angeles Movie Awards.[4][5][6][7][8][9][10] Ryan directed Look using the Red One 4K in 2009. Look received several positive reviews.[11]

Mark Bell of Film Threat gave Look a four star review and he said, "I think it is better that folks see it and come to their own conclusions. Just as beauty is in the eye of the beholder, the relevance, resonance and power of LOOK resides entirely in the eye of the person watching it."[12] Writer Terra King reviewed Look and said that the movie was "deep and full of metaphor."[11] Writer Sean Kernan examined in his Yahoo Voices article "Look is an Elegant Examination of Beauty" how captivating visuals revealed why Look won so many awards. Matthew Saliba wrote in his review in Rogue Cinema that Look was "directed with an exceptionally keen eye for detail and color".[13] In an interview with Ryan in Rogue Cinema, Saliba said that Look "is an exquisite experimental narrative short film that evokes feelings of a Lynchian nature in regards to its masterful use of visual metaphors as well as a Coco Chanel ad in terms of its costume and set design".[13] Currently, Look has distribution through IndieFlix and IndiePix online video streaming services.[14]

You Only Loved Me Twice[edit]

The first film that Ryan made, You Only Loved Me Twice, as well as Ryan's business proposal helped him beat out thousands of others across the world to earn him a top five finalist spot in the showcase event for the USA during Global Entrepreneurship Week, which was a film entrepreneurship competition, the Race to BE, hosted by Russell Simmons at Sony Picture Studios in Los Angeles.[2][3][15] In an interview with Nashville Business Journal Ryan said, You Only Loved Me Twice is "a beginning film, but I did decide to go over the top with it".[16] You Only Loved Me Twice currently has distribution with IndieFlix online video streaming service.[14]


Film director[edit]

TV Actor[edit]


Los Angeles Movie Awards
Year Nominee/work Award Result
2012 Look[17] Best Original Score & Award of Excellence Won
Honolulu Film Awards
Year Nominee/work Award Result
2012 Look[18] Silver Lei Award Won
California Film Awards
Year Nominee/work Award Result
2011 Look[19] Gold Award Won
Best of Nashville
Year Nominee/work Award Result
2011 Ryan Pickett[20] Best Filmmaker Won
Best Shorts Competition
Year Nominee/work Award Result
2011 Look[21] Award of Merit Won
Accolade Competition
Year Nominee/work Award Result
2009 Look[22] Award of Merit Won


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