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For the footballer of Saint Kitts and Nevis, see Ryan Robbins (footballer).
Ryan Robbins
Ryan Robbins at Armageddon Expo Sydney 2011.JPG
Ryan Robbins at Armageddon Expo Sydney 2011
Born Ryan John Currier
(1972-11-26) November 26, 1972 (age 43)
Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

Ryan Robbins is a Canadian actor.

Robbins worked at Mainframe Entertainment and did the motion body work for the robots in 1994 show ReBoot.[1]

Robbins is known for his roles as Ladon Radim in Stargate Atlantis, Charlie Connor on Battlestar Galactica, and Henry Foss on Sanctuary. He is the only actor to have played two different characters (not counting different incarnations of Cylon models as different characters) in Battlestar Galactica, having originally starred in the miniseries, with heavy makeup and prosthetics to age him, as the Colonial officer assigned to Armistice Station before the Second Cylon War. He also guest starred in the Smallville third season premiere as Lewis. Robbins also played Diego in the Battlestar Galactica prequel series Caprica. He has also guest starred in the TV series jPod as Alistair Parish and as Wendell on the Canadian series The Guard. In 2011 he played the role of John Grey in the film Apollo 18.

He recently starred as Rand in Riese, Brad Tonkin in Seasons 3 and 4 of Continuum and Tector in Falling Skies in addition to appearing in Mortal Kombat: Legacy as Raiden. He also played Fletch in the first episode of Wolf Lake. In 2015 he has a recurring role on Arrow.


Year(s) TV show Character No. of episodes
1998 Cold Squad Chimp 1 episode
1998–1999 Seven Days Red 2 episodes
1999 Millennium Jed 1 episode
1999 Strange World Bledsoe 1 episode
1999 The Net Incredible Chill Shirt 1 episode
2000 Big Sound Eddie Valor 1 episode
2000 Just Deal Rob / Manager 1 episode
2000–2001 Dark Angel Arnie Haas 2 episodes
2001 The Chris Isaak Show Deke 1 episode
2001 The Outer Limits Richard 1 episode
2001 Wolf Lake Fletcher 1 episode
2001 The Miracle of the Cards Reggie TV movie
2002 Jeremiah William Stauber 1 episode
2002 Taken Lt. Lou Johnson 1 episode
2003 Romeo! Hacksaw 1 episode
2003 The Twilight Zone Tony 1 episode
2003 Smallville Louis Leery Jr. 1 episode
2003 Battlestar Galactica (miniseries) Armistice Officer 2 episodes
2004 Kingdom Hospital Dave Hooman 3 episodes
2004 The Days Mr. Marley 2 episodes
2004 Dead Like Me James Allen 1 episode
2004–2006 Stargate Atlantis Ladon Radim 5 Episodes
2005 Behind the Camera: The Unauthorized Story of 'Mork & Mindy' Street Performer TV movie
2005 Into the West 'Skate' Guthrie 1 episode
2005 Supernatural Travis Wheeler 1 episode
2006 The Collector Freddie Grimshaw 1 episode
2006 A Little Thing Called Murder Shawn Little TV movie
2006 The L Word Bus Stop Man 1 episode
2006 The Evidence Ron 1 episode
2006 Saved 1 episode
2006 Blade: The Series Sands 2 episodes
2006 Alice, I Think Bob 13 episodes
2006–2009 Battlestar Galactica (TV series) Charlie Connor 7 episodes
2007 Psych Vernon Stallings 1 episode
2007 Painkiller Jane Dr. Lewis 1 episode
2007–2011 Sanctuary Henry Foss Main role: 2 webisodes & 59 episodes
2008 jPod Alistair Parish 4 episodes
2008 Reaper Demon 1 episode
2008–2009 The Guard Wendell Linham 16 episodes
2010 Riese: Kingdom Falling Rand 3 episodes
2010 Caprica Diego 4 episodes
2011 The Listener James Madison 1 episode
2011 Mortal Kombat: Legacy Raiden 1 webisode
2012 True Justice Bird 2 episodes
2012 The Philadelphia Experiment Richard Falkner TV movie
2012 Hell on Wheels Hawkins 2 episodes
2012–2013 Delete Max Hollis 2 episodes
2012–2014 Falling Skies Tector 19 episodes
2013 Goodnight for Justice: Queen of Hearts Pinkerton TV movie
2013 Arctic Air Pool Hustler 1 episode
2013 The Killing Joe Mills 5 episodes
2013 Republic of Doyle Callum Pardy 5 episodes
2014–2015 Continuum John Doe / Brad Tonkin 11 episodes
2014 Ascension Duke Vanderhaus Miniseries
2015 Proof Ryder Newburn / Buddy 1 episode
2015 Arrow Conklin 9 episodes
2015 Once Upon a Time Sir Morgan 1 episode
2016 The X-Files Murphy Episode: "Founder's Mutation"


Year Film Character Notes
1997 Horsey Simon Leigh
1999 Late Night Sessions Ben
2000 Abe's Manhood Abe short film
2001 Turbulence 3: Heavy Metal Tor direct-to-video
2001 L.A.P.D.: To Protect and to Serve Video Director
2002 Liberty Stands Still Fidgety Dude
2002 Stark Raving Mad Seedy Guy
2002 The Bug Beetle short film
2003 Paycheck Husband
2003 Imetacanine Barry short film
2004 Walking Tall Travis
2004 Catwoman Bartender
2004 Man Feel Pain Clint short film
2005 When Jesse Was Born Harold Ferrell short film
2005 The Cabin Movie Ken
2005 Fishbowl Michael short film
2007 We're So Screwed Mark short film
2007 The Visitor Tom short film
2007 Taming Tammy Frances
2007 Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem Truck Driver
2008 Sheltered Life David Nash
2008 Passengers Dean
2008 Alice & Huck Fred short film
2008 The Ambassador Benedict short film
2009 Smile of April Jack
2009 Manson, My Name Is Evil Charlie Manson / Leslie's Dad
2009 Catalyst short film
2009 The Masculine Mystique Nate short film
2009 Collide Nigel short film
2010 Unrivaled Brian Waite
2010 Wrecked George Weaver
2010 The Charlie Da Clown Show Lt. Burt Cordova short film
2011 Vampire Kevin Grant
2011 Apollo 18 Lt Col. John Grey
2011 Crazy Dracula Spring Break Weekend The Invisible Man short film
2011 Marilyn Michael Grant
2011 Everything and Everyone Noah
2011 Suffer Logan short film
2011 Pleased to Meet You David Elton short film
2012 Cold Blooded Cordero
2012 Kill for Me Detective Ferris direct-to-video
2013 The Man and the Hole in the Roof Bartender short film
2014 Reasonable Doubt Jimmy Logan
2016 The Confirmation Trout
2016 Warcraft Karos


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