Ryan Sallans

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Ryan Sallans
Ryan Sallans, 2011
ResidenceOmaha, Nebraska
EducationMaster's Degree
Alma materUniversity of Nebraska-Lincoln
OccupationPublic speaker, activist, author
Years active2005—present
EmployerRyan Sallans Inc
Known forLGBT activism, public speaking, author
Home townAurora, Nebraska

Ryan Sallans (born 1979) is an American LGBT rights advocate and out trans man. Sallans began his transition in 2005.[1] He travels the United States speaking to professionals, college audiences, and youth about being transgender and the changing nature of health care.

Sallans has been featured in Closer Magazine,[2] the Salina Journal,[3] The Reader,[4] NewsNetNebraska,[5]Oddee.com,[6] The Advocate,[7] and many more including The Chicago Bureau,[8] BuzzFeed,[9] and US News.[10] He shares his story about his struggle with an eating disorder and how he came to terms with his gender identity.

Sallans was a guest on Larry King Live in 2007[11] and 2009.[12] He has also appeared on Ricki: The New Ricki Lake Show in 2012 [13] and Trisha in 2012. In 2013 he was interviewed on the NPR radio show, On Point with Tom Ashbrook [14] and also on HuffPost Live with Josh Zepps.[15]

Gender transition[edit]

In 2005, Sallans began undergoing a physical and social gender transition. He had a bilateral mastectomy with nipple grafts performed the beginning of May 2005 before beginning hormone therapy in June. During this time he was featured in the LOGO documentary, Gender Rebel,[16] which captured him at the beginning of his transition. In July 2005, a Nebraska Court granted his request for a name change and he legally completed his transition in October 2005, when he had his gender officially changed on all of his legal documents including his birth certificate. Ryan also underwent bottom surgery in the form of a hysterectomy in 2006 and a metoidioplasty in 2008.

Public speaking[edit]

Since 1999, Sallans has worked as a trainer and speaker on issues surrounding eating disorders, body image and wellness.[17]


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