Rybinsk RD-36-35

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Not to be confused with the Kolesov RD-36 and Lotarev D-36, which were much larger turbojet and turbofan engines respectively.
Rybinsk RD-36-35
Type turbojet lift engine
National origin USSR
Manufacturer Rybinsk Engine Design Bureau (RKBM)
Designed by Pyotr A. Kolesov

The Rybinsk RD-36-35 was a small lift turbojet engine, designed for use on V/STOL aircraft at the Rybinsk Engine Design Bureau (RKBM), designed by Pyotr A. Kolesov. Very little is known of this engine, probably due to confusion with the similarly designated Kolesov RD-36 and Lotarev D-36, which have little or no relation to the lift-jet.[1]

Variants and Applications[edit]

(izdeliye 24) 28.45 kN (6,396 lbf)[1]
(izdeliye 28) 29.9 kN (6,722 lbf)[1]

Specifications (RD-36-35FV)[edit]

Data from OKB Yakovlev[1]

General characteristics

  • Type: Lift turbojet/turbofan
  • Length:
  • Diameter:
  • Dry weight: 176 kg (388 lb) (RD-36-35F)


  • Compressor: 6-stage axial
  • Turbine: 1-stage axial



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