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Coordinates: 50°43′26″N 1°09′23″W / 50.724°N 1.1565°W / 50.724; -1.1565

Class 483 trains stabled at Ryde depot

Ryde depot is a railway traction maintenance depot, situated in Ryde, Isle of Wight, to the east of Ryde St John's Road railway station. The depot is operated by Island Line Trains, and is allocated Island Line Trains' fleet of British Rail Class 483s. The depot code is RY.[1]

Flood risk[edit]

A stream runs alongside the railway line at this point, and it has flooded parts of the depot on several occasions. The flood in January 1994 damaged two cars of Class 483 stock, while in 1998 trains had to be moved away from the depot to prevent damage. In October 2000, the flooding was extensive and not only damaged four Class 483 units but also washed away ballast at nearby Smallbrook, meaning Island Line Trains had to suspend their services for several days.[2]


Ryde engine shed in 1965, before it was converted for electric trains. The central pitched roof is in the background of the modern photo.

Before the Island Line was electrified, Ryde depot was home to maintenance works for steam locomotives running on the island's rail network. Steam locos still running on the island are now maintained at the Isle of Wight Steam Railway's works at Havenstreet.[3]


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