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Ryenchinii Choinom (Mongolian: Ренчиний Чойном; 1936 - 1978) was a Mongolian poet. He was born in 1936 in the Darkhan Sum of the Khentii Province and died in 1978. Choinom's poems are famous for their fearlessness and realism. Throughout his life, his poems were widely popular but never received any official recognition under communist Mongolia. Many of his love lyrics became popular songs. He was jailed under pretext of writing poems that neglect the "Socialist achievements" and his works were prohibited.

Choinom graduated from the literature department of the National University of Mongolia, and pursued a productive literary career that gave birth to several novels and to collections of poems such as "Sumtei Budaryn Chuluu". Beside Mongolian, he also wrote in Kazakh.

In 1991 Choinom was posthumously issued the Mongolian National Honor.

Exemplary works[edit]

  • Hour of the fire horse (in Mongolian language, Gal morin tsag, Гал морин цаг)
  • Young age (Zaluu nas, Залуу нас)
  • With a Temple Stone (Sümtei budaryn chuluu, Сүмтэй бударын чулуу)
  • Steppe (Tal, Тал)
  • Red notebook (Ulaan devter, Улаан дэвтэр)
  • Man (Khün, Хүн)
  • A Letter to the Daughter (Ohindoo bichsen zahidal, Охиндоо бичсэн захидал)

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