Ryerson Students' Union

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Ryerson Students' Union
Institution Ryerson University
Location Toronto, Ontario
Established June 27, 1967
President Obaid Ullah
Vice presidents Education:
Victoria Morton
Tamara Jones
Neal Muthreja
Student Life & Events:
Harman Singh
Members 35,000+
Affiliations CFS
Website www.rsuonline.ca

The Ryerson Students’ Union (RSU) is the students' union that represents full-time undergraduate and graduate students at Ryerson University. All full-time students are required to be members and pay a levy. This money is used to fund student groups, events for students and campaigning.

The Board[edit]

The Board of Directors set the direction and the executive manage the day-to-day operations of the corporation. Students elect 2 to 5 members from each faculty, depending on the size of the faculty, to the board, in addition to student representatives from the University’s Senate, student groups, course unions and residence.

The Current Board of Directors[edit]

Executive Committee[edit]

  1. Obaid Ullah
  2. Victoria Morton
  3. Neal Muthreja
  4. Tamara Jones
  5. Harman Singh

Faculty of Arts[edit]

  1. Daniel Lis
  2. Marzia Riaz
  3. Anjelo Robb

Ted Rogers School of Management[edit]

  1. Michelle Park
  2. Anthony Esguerra
  3. Sandra Bahoua
  4. Nav Marwah
  5. Nasrudin Numin

Faculty of Communications and Design[edit]

  1. Eleanor Chan
  2. Katii Capern
  3. Kelly Kitagawa
  4. William Fraser

Faculty of Community Services[edit]

  1. Anna Stevenson
  2. Michael Friedman
  3. Dahab Ibrahim
  4. Chrys Saget-Richard
  5. Abisola Asha

Faculty of Engineering and Architecture[edit]

  1. Naveed Khan
  2. Michael Foppiano
  3. Monica Kwong
  4. Ruken Dilsha Izon

Faculty of Science[edit]

  1. Robinder Jangi
  2. Maryam Golbazi

At Large Representative Directors[edit]

Course Union Director[edit]

Betty Wang

Campus Groups Director[edit]

Yuli Jadov

Senate Director[edit]

Amar Latchman

Graduate Representative Directors[edit]

Carolyn Qin, Issuru Weerasekra

Equity Service Centers[edit]

The RSU has six Equity Service Centres: The Centre for Women & Trans People, The Good Food Centre, Racialised Students’ Collective, RyeACCESS, RyePRIDE, and the Trans Collective. These centres serve as a space for students from different marginalized backgrounds to come together and organize equity and social justice initiatives, events, and campaigns.

In 2010, The Board of Directors voted to change the name from "Community Service Groups" to "Equity Service Centers".


The RSU has been criticized for funding a racist student group [1] and for banning a men's issues student group on campus.[2] In 2015, former RSU vice-president education Jesse Root was accused of deleting emails in violation of Ontario's privacy laws. [3]

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