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Ryman Healthcare Ltd
Public (NZX: RYM)
Industry Aged care
Founded 1984 founded, 1999 IPO
Founder John Ryder, Kevin Hickman
Headquarters Christchurch, New Zealand
Areas served
US, Australia, UK, NZ
Key people
CEO - Simon Challies, Deputy CEO/CFO - Gordon Macleod,
Chairman - Dr David Kerr
Products Retirement villages and aged care
Owner Public listing company (NZX)
Number of employees
Website www.rymanhealthcare.co.nz

Ryman Healthcare is a New Zealand retirement village and rest home operator. It is listed on the New Zealand Stock Exchange and is one of the largest companies listed on the NZX 50 Index.[1][2]

Ryman Healthcare has 28 villages across New Zealand and two villages in Victoria, Australia. Its name is a portmanteau of its two founders, John Ryder and Kevin Hickman, who founded the company in 1984. [3]

As at December 2015, Ryman Healthcare has a market capitalisation of over $4.2 Billion NZD. It has not had to raise capital since its IPO in 1990, funding all its development from operational cash-flows.[4]

Ryman's business model is a mixture of property development and healthcare services. It operates on a "deferred management fees" model where the village resident pays for a lifetime occupancy use of their apartment or unit, and upon moving out, the resident or their estate receives a lesser sum back for their unit, usually capped at 25% deducted if over a five year period.

Ryman Healthcare villages offer a blend of different retirement living options at their villages, which are usually large enough to support a mini-hospital for residents and a secure dementia wing. Ryman describe this as a "continuum of care" where residents can remain in the Ryman village of choice, whether it is for independent retirement living, rest home care, dementia or hospital care.[5]

Ryman expanded into Australia in 2012, buying a site for development in Wheelers Hill, in eastern Melbourne, Victoria.[6] They have since purchased another site for development in nearby Brandon Park, on a former high school site. [7]

Other notable competitors to Ryman Healthcare in the New Zealand aged care sector include Metlifecare, Oceania, BUPA, Summerset Holdings and Arvida.

Company performance[edit]

Ryman Healthcare has demonstrated significant profit and share price performance since its inception. For the last five years, it has managed earnings growth of over 15% per annum.[8] Its growth in market capitalisation has made it New Zealand's fourth largest company. Ryman has delivered 13 years of consecutive record earnings results since 2002. [9] They employ over 4000 people, including in house development teams, builders and tradespeople, nursing and caregivers, cooks, cleaners, sales and support staff.


Ryman Healthcare have won a number of awards for business and healthcare, including:

  • Simon Challies, Ryman Healthcare's CEO, won Best CEO of 2014 in the Deloitte Top 200 Awards in 2014.[10]
  • Dr David Kerr, Ryman Healthcare's Chairman of the Board of Directors, won best Chairman in the Deloitte Top 200 Awards in 2013.
  • Reader's Digest "Most Trusted Brand New Zealand 2015."[11]
  • Workbase Best Growth Strategy Award.[12]


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