Rynek Underground

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Rynek Underground
Historical Museum of Kraków Rynerk Underground
Kramy Bogate w podziemiach Rynku w Krakowie.JPG
LocationKraków, Poland
Coordinates50°03′43″N 19°56′16″E / 50.06202°N 19.93776°E / 50.06202; 19.93776Coordinates: 50°03′43″N 19°56′16″E / 50.06202°N 19.93776°E / 50.06202; 19.93776
Collection size
ManagerŁukasz Walas
DirectorPL:Michał Niezabitowski
CuratorŁukasz Walas
Public transit accessMiejskie Przedsiębiorstwo Komunikacyjne w Krakowie [pl] how to get there, see external links

The underground square central museum of Kraków is situated below the market square of the city and has an area of over 6000 square metres.

Work on the underground square first began at the start of 2009 and cost 38 million zloty. The museum first opened on 24 September 2010, at the time only displaying regular exhibitions. The main feature “In the footsteps of Krakow’s European identity” was launched three days after the museum's opening, on 27 September 2010.


The main exhibit, “In the footsteps of Krakow’s European identity”, makes use of holograms constructed by using projectors alongside fog machines and several dozen screens and projectors to recreate the atmosphere of Kraków seven hundred years ago. The exhibition allows visitors to see six hundred models in three dimensions via thirty seven touch screens placed throughout.

Adjacent to the multimedia exhibit and underneath the Sukiennice building lie the medieval tracts. Visitors explore the medieval exhibits by walking over glass ramps that hang over the area.

This part of the museum includes remains of medieval constructions including

  • A reconstructed 12th century workshop.
  • Former waterworks (aqueducts).
  • The remains of burned settlements, the oldest of which dates from the eleventh century.
  • A reconstruction of a medieval merchant's stall.
  • A map depicting distant trade routes.

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