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Ryōgo Narita (Japanese: 成田 良悟, Hepburn: Narita Ryōgo, born May 30, 1980) is a Japanese light novelist and manga writer. He won the Gold Prize in the 9th Dengeki Novel Prize for Baccano!, which was made into an anime television series in 2007.[1] His series Durarara!! was also made into two anime television series, one airing January 2010 and the second in January 2015.[2]


Narita's works all feature a single thematic style, involving an ensemble cast of characters (each with their own viewpoint chapters) finding their lives intersecting with each other in various ways due to a supernatural entity, and more often than not getting into conflict with each other. Additionally, most of his light novel titles take place within a shared universe known by fans as the "Naritaverse", featuring fantastical elements within an otherwise normal society.


Baccano! is mostly set within a fictional United States during various time periods, most notably the Prohibition era. It focuses on various people, including alchemists, thieves, thugs, Mafiosi and Camorristi, who are unconnected to one another. After an immortality elixir is recreated in 1930 Manhattan, the characters begin to cross paths, setting off events that spiral further and further out of control. It is illustrated by Katsumi Enami.

# Name ISBN
1 Baccano! The Rolling Bootlegs (バッカーノ!The Rolling Bootlegs) ISBN 4-8402-2278-9
2 Baccano! 1931 Local Chapter The Grand Punk Railroad (バッカーノ!1931 鈍行編 The Grand Punk Railroad) ISBN 4-8402-2436-6
3 Baccano! 1931 Express Chapter The Grand Punk Railroad (バッカーノ!1931 特急編 The Grand Punk Railroad) ISBN 4-8402-2459-5
4 Baccano! 1932 Drug & The Dominos (バッカーノ!1932 Drug The Dominos) ISBN 4-8402-2494-3
5 Baccano! 2001 The Children Of Bottle (バッカーノ!2001 The Children Of Bottle) ISBN 4-8402-2609-1
6 Baccano! 1933 (Part 1) THE SLASH ~Cloudy to Rainy~ (バッカーノ!1933<上> THE SLASH ~クモリノチアメ~) ISBN 4-8402-2787-X
7 Baccano! 1933 (Part 2) THE SLASH ~Bloody to Fair~ (バッカーノ!1933<下> THE SLASH ~チノアメハ、ハレ~) ISBN 4-8402-2850-7
8 Baccano! 1934 Imprisoned Chapter Alice in Jails (バッカーノ!1934 獄中編 Alice In Jails) ISBN 4-8402-3585-6
9 Baccano! 1934 Street Chapter Alice in Jails (バッカーノ!1934 娑婆編 Alice In Jails) ISBN 4-8402-3636-4
10 Baccano! 1934 Conclusion Chapter Peter Pan in Chains (バッカーノ!1934 完結編 Peter Pan In Chains) ISBN 978-4-8402-3805-2
11 Baccano! 1705 The Ironic Light Orchestra (バッカーノ!1705 The Ironic Light Orchestra) ISBN 978-4-8402-3910-3
12 Baccano! 2002 A Side - Bullet Garden (バッカーノ!2002【A side】Bullet Garden) ISBN 978-4-8402-4027-7
13 Baccano! 2002 B Side - Blood Sabbath (バッカーノ!2002【B side】blood sabbath) ISBN 978-4-8402-4069-7
14 Baccano! 1931 Special Express Chapter Another Junk Railroad (バッカーノ!1931 臨時急行編 ― Another Junk Railroad) ISBN 978-4-04-867462-1
15 Baccano! 1710 Crack Flag (バッカーノ!1710 Crack Flag) ISBN 978-4-04-868459-0
16 Baccano! 1932 Summer― Man in the Killer (バッカーノ! 1932 Summer―man in the killer) ISBN 978-4-04-870556-1
17 Baccano! 1711 Whitesmile (バッカーノ! 1711 Whitesmile) ISBN 978-4-04-886186-1
18 Baccano! 1935-A Deep Marble (バッカーノ! -1935 - A Deep Marble) ISBN 978-4-04-886893-8
19 Baccano! 1935-B Dr. Feelgreed (バッカーノ! -1935 - B Dr. Feelgreed) ISBN 978-4-04-891431-4
20 Baccano! 1931- Winter - The Time of The Oasis (バッカーノ!バッカーノ! 1931-Winter the time of the oasis) ISBN 978-4-04-891204-4
21 Baccano! 1935-C The Grateful Bet (バッカーノ!1935-C The Grateful Bet) ISBN 978-4-04-866037-2
22 Baccano! 1935-D Luckstreet Boys (バッカーノ!1935-D Luckstreet Boys) ISBN 978-4-04-892184-8

Etsusa Bridge[edit]

Set on a giant, almost finished bridge between Sadogashima and Niigata. Abandoned by the government, the bridge, and the giant man-made floating island at the center, has become a city of criminals and societal drop-outs. It is illustrated by Suzuhito Yasuda.

# Name ISBN
1 Bow Wow! Two Dog Night (バウワウ! Two Dog Night) ISBN 4-8402-2549-4
2 Mew Mew! Crazy Cat's Night (Mew Mew! Crazy Cat's Night) ISBN 4-8402-2730-6
3 Garuguru! Dancing Beast Night<Part 1> (がるぐる! <上> Dancing Beast Night) ISBN 4-8402-3233-4
4 Garuguru! Dancing Beast Night<Part 2> (がるぐる! <下> Dancing Beast Night) ISBN 4-8402-3431-0
Gaiden 5656! Knights' Strange Night (5656(ゴロゴロ)!―Knights’ Strange Night) ISBN 4-04-867346-7


Durarara!! tells the story of a dullahan working as an underworld courier in Ikebukuro, an internet-based anonymous gang called the Dollars, and the chaos that unfolds around the most dangerous people in Ikebukuro. It is illustrated by Suzuhito Yasuda.

# Name ISBN
1 Durarara!! (デュラララ!!) ISBN 4-8402-2646-6
2 Durarara!!×2 (デュラララ!!×2) ISBN 4-8402-3000-5
3 Durarara!!×3 (デュラララ!!×3) ISBN 4-8402-3516-3
4 Durarara!!×4 (デュラララ!!×4) ISBN 978-4-8402-4186-1
5 Durarara!!×5 (デュラララ!!×5) ISBN 978-4-04-867595-6
6 Durarara!!×6 (デュラララ!!×6) ISBN 978-4-04-867905-3
7 Durarara!!×7 (デュラララ!!×7) ISBN 978-4-04-868276-3
8 Durarara!!×8 (デュラララ!!×8) ISBN 978-4-04-868599-3
9 Durarara!!×9 (デュラララ!!×9) ISBN 978-4-04-870274-4
10 Durarara!!×10 (デュラララ!!×10) ISBN 978-4-04-870729-9
11 Durarara!!×11 (デュラララ!!×11) ISBN 978-4-04-886562-3
12 Durarara!!×12 (デュラララ!!×12) ISBN 978-4-04-891746-9
13 Durarara!!×13 (デュラララ!!×13) ISBN 978-4-04-866217-8
14 Durarara!! SH (デュラララ!!SH) ISBN 978-4-04-866486-8
15 Durarara!! SHx2 (デュラララ!!SHx2) ISBN 978-4-04-869008-9
16 Durarara!! SHx3 (デュラララ!!SHx3) ISBN 978-4-04-869169-7
17 Durarara!! SHx4 (デュラララ!!SHx4) ISBN 978-4-04-865666-5


Vamp! is a light novel series about vampires and other supernatural creatures that live on an island in Germany called Gowerth. It is illustrated by Katsumi Enami.

# Name ISBN
1 Vamp! (ヴぁんぷ!) ISBN 4-8402-2688-1
2 Vamp! II (ヴぁんぷ! II) ISBN 4-8402-3060-9
3 Vamp! III (ヴぁんぷ! III) ISBN 4-8402-3128-1
4 Vamp! IV (ヴぁんぷ!IV) ISBN 4-04-867173-1
5 Vamp! V (ヴぁんぷ!V) ISBN 4-04-868928-2


Hariyama-san, the Heart of the World is a series of connected short stories. They are basically strange or supernatural events that are seemingly unrelated, except that every one of them involves the title character, Shinkichi Hariyama, as a minor character in some capacity. The last story in each volume ties all the previous stories together. It is illustrated by Katsumi Enami and Suzuhito Yasuda.

# Name ISBN
1 Hariyama-san, the Heart of the World (世界の中心、針山さん, Sekai no Chūshin, Hariyama-san) ISBN 978-4-8402-3177-0
2 Hariyama-san, the Heart of the World 2 (世界の中心、針山さん2, Sekai no Chūshin, Hariyama-san Ni) ISBN 978-4-8402-3724-6
3 Hariyama-san, the Heart of the World 3 (世界の中心、針山さん3, Sekai no Chūshin, Hariyama-san San) ISBN 978-4-04-868074-5

Bleach: Spirits Are Forever With You[edit]

Bleach: Spirits Are Forever With You is a light novel based on the Weekly Shōnen Jump manga Bleach.

# Name ISBN
1 Bleach: Spirits Are Forever With You I (BLEACH Spirits Are Forever With You I) ISBN 978-4-0870-3265-9
2 Bleach: Spirits Are Forever With You II (BLEACH Spirits Are Forever With You II) ISBN 978-4-0870-3266-6

Stealth Symphony[edit]

A manga which follows the story of the main protagonist Jig Kumonuma, as he goes to the city of Jinbō-chō, a place where creatures of different species live, to remove a curse from his body. It is illustrated by Yōichi Amano.

# Name ISBN
1 Stealth Symphony 1 (ステルス交響曲 ①) ISBN 978-4-08-880157-5
2 Stealth Symphony 2 (ステルス交響曲 ②) ISBN 978-4-08-880199-5

Fate/strange fake[edit]

The Fate/strange fake novel is a spinoff of Fate/stay night. The story is set during a war that occurs a few years after the conclusion of the Fifth Holy Grail War.

The stage: the city of Snowfield in the western U.S., far from Fuyuki. There, a "false Holy Grail War", quite unlike the original Holy Grail War, unfolds. There were those who had been keeping an eye on the auguries of the Holy Grail in Snowfield. According to an investigation by the Mage's Association, the Holy Grail War system in Snowfield was an imitation of the one in Fuyuki. What's more, the system was incomplete, leading to the exclusion of one of the seven classes and the selection of beings as Servants who ordinarily could not be summoned. It was, verily, a strange fake. As an organ of the U.S. government executes its various plots, the Servants are summoned one after another---

# Name ISBN
1 Fate/strange Fake (1) ISBN 978-4-04-869168-0
2 Fate/strange Fake (2) ISBN 978-4-04-865129-5
3 Fate/strange Fake (3) ISBN 978-4-04-865763-1
4 Fate/strange Fake (4) ISBN 978-4-04-892756-7

Dead Mount Death Play[edit]

A new manga written by Narita and illustrated by Shinta Fujimoto that is set to launch in Square Enix's Young Gangan manga magazine.[3]


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